1. karim174

    Wi-Fi Frequency, 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

    What do these figures mean and how does it affect the battery on parking mode? The user manual does not clarify its figures
  2. karim174

    No WiFi in parking mode

    To get live view from anywhere in the world, you will need to have the dashcam hard or obd wired and connected via a in-car mobile hotspot. If you have the U1000 model with the radar module active and on energy saving mode, then the remote cloud viewing (whilst parked), wouldn't work. This is...
  3. R

    Focus ST3 and dashcam battery pack

    Hi all Wondering if anyone has come across an issue with a dashcam and hardwired batterypack, this is in a Ford Focus ST. I'm having major issues and 2 x Blackvue B124 batterypacks swapped out (although no fault found with them) I have a case open with the vendor, but what I'm experiencing is...
  4. R

    GPS causing camera to record when parked.

    I’ve noticed that my camera is recording as though vehicle is moving even though it’s parked up outside my house because the gps signal is making out it’s moving at 1-3mph every so often. Is there a fix for this or anyway to improve gps reception, even though I’m using the gps powered windshield...
  5. P

    Parking Mode / Motion Detection

    Hi all, I have recently had a next base camera hardwired into my car from Halfords. The gentleman who helped to hardwire the camera said I didn't need to turn on Parking Mode in order for the car to pick up motion and record if another driver were to hit my car. Is this correct? I haven't tried...
  6. Raymar

    Hardwire = No run ****** with Adapter= runs perfect

    Attention: Friendly Techs out there:...."Help is needed with my installation" ... on a Honda Pilot I hardwired and have to manually turn it on and then it goes on off after a while, ...few seconds later or less then a minute, it will go off.... When I use the adapter cord and run it the the...
  7. blueeyes

    Using Parking Mode in an Electric Vehicle.

    Hi! New here...wondering if anyone here has been using their dashcam in an electric vehicle for parking mode and if so, how do you have it set up? Full EV's like the Leaf, Bolt and Teslas or plug-in's like the Volt (my car)... Thanks!
  8. I

    I finally got my dash cam wired - now to see if everything works correctly ...

    Aloha everyone, I asked a lot of questions and got a lot of good information here. I've never had a dash cam before and I didn't want to screw anything up, so I want to thank y'all for all the responses to my other threads. I worked with a coworker today and installed the add-a-circuit fuse...
  9. sgtjayp

    Hardwire Hardware

    I've been searching for a while and settled for the A118. Seems to get decent reviews and I like the discreteness. Question: I don't want to tie up the cigarette lighter nor have visible cords to a USB adapter. I have minimal electrical skills, but I think I can manage hard-wiring to a current...
  10. F

    Mobius not receiving power from car after hardwired

    I hardwired my Mobius v2.41 with an add-a-fuse to the ACC line and also changed out the battery with a supercap. When plugged in and car started the camera wont turn on manually or automatically. I have a 12V-5V converter and the voltage from the fuse is measuring ~14V steady. Add-a-fuse...
  11. U

    Camera-specific hard-wiring kits???

    I have seen more than one posting in DCT (can't find them just now) where they stated, or at least implied, that a certain hard-wiring kit would work with certain dash cam models and actually listed some dash cam models that the particular kit in question was compatible with. I have also seen...
  12. U

    Should I buy a PMP-type of device for this setup below?

    If I have my dash cam hardwired to the fusebox and connected via a Cellink, T-Power Plus or some other similar secondary battery UPS, should I still buy a Battery Discharge Prevention device, such as the Lukas LK-290, Power Magic Pro, or ("the Mercedes of BDPs") the Vico-Power Plus? I am not...
  13. J

    Hard wiring mobius to golf mk5?

    Has anyone successfully hardwired their mobius in a mk5 golf using a piggy back fuse? I've tried piggy backing off the cigarette lighter fuse which is only powered when ignition is on, but the mobius keeps running? I'm using a super capacitor so I thought it would shut off when I take the key...