mobius c2

  1. T

    Mobius Not recording- Techno Wizards Help - Damsel in Distress

    I had a Mobius 1 that worked sometimes. It died in a swamp so I got two Mobius 2 cameras. They never worked every time, and now won't record at all. A few times it recorded for a minute and then not again. Mobius A - green light when plugged into charger....turned power's in orange...
  2. D

    Will RunCam 2 make a good dashcam?

    I was shopping for another discreet dashcam until I ran into an interesting action camera called RunCam 2. I was wondering if it's possible to make RunCam 2 as a dashcam like the Mobius C2? Does anyone have the RunCam 2? What is the downside to using it?
  3. Callumpy

    Any pre-made CPL filters for Mobius?

    Hello, I've seen some interesting projects dotted around on these forums for creating CPL filters for the mobius camera. Are there any CPL filters available for purchase that will fit on the C2 lens? I ask this as I don't think I will be able to create anything anywhere near as good as some of...
  4. D

    Pre-Purchase questions...?

    Hi there, I'm looking to buy a Mobius for a rear-facing 'dash' cam. A few questions before I buy... 1 - Is "Bang Good" a genuine Mobius seller? Or are they fakes? 2 - Is the C2 the best wide-angle Mobius? 3 - Can you record in small clips (1, 3, 5 mins etc...)? 4 - When your card is full can...
  5. S

    Can't view videos

    Hi, Any help appreciated! Sorry I couldn't figure out how to post in Mobius section, it said read posts I to 8 then post--but no place to post. Front and rear Mobius, bought about 9 months ago. Manual says turn on, push mode button til red light (on top I think) shows, then push mode again...
  6. DJ_Eatch

    Brand new - What should i get? :-)

    Hi, total newbie to dashcams and the site (but have been reading it for months)... Yes, you probably get a million of these, but I'm incredibly fussy! (from a technical background) I'm looking for a discreet dash cam that has the best video quality both night and day. (I've heard only good...
  7. JooVuu

    Mobius Waterproof Case

    Hello everyone, I am from JooVuu (obvious I know), and I just wanted to announce the Mobius Waterproof Case. We have custom made this and built it ourselves and we believe it is a very good product. It is now available for pre-order: