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  1. -Pizdys-

    [HOT] Power Bank test and comparison! Cellink NEO6 vs PowerCore 6200LFP, Anker, Xiaomi, Elecjet, Bosch AGM 60Ah, Chargetech!

    Testing & reviewing power banks for dashcams: Cellink NEO6 - Blackvue B-124X (Korea) Power Core 6200LFP (United Kingdom) Power Core Extended 13400LFP (United Kingdom) Anker PowerCore 26800+ (China) Xiaomi 10 000 (China) Elecjet Traveler 5000 - World-first Graphene Composite power bank! (USA)...
  2. C

    Power Banks that aren't "Made in China" ?

    From what I've read in the different threads Zendure seem to make the best "pass through" power banks, the problem I have is... I prefer not to buy products "Made in China" I'd prefer to support jobs in North America or Europe but I'm having a problem finding a power bank that is equal to, or...
  3. L

    What do you think about this Power Bank/Station?

    Hi guys! I was looking for a Power Bank to keep my dash cam charged while in parking mode (I have a Blackvue DR750S-2CH-IR, plus a 4G LTE Wifi Wingle). I don’t drive very often, so for me there's no point in buying something like the Cellink Neo or the Power Magic Ultra Battery B124, I...
  4. G

    U1000 Cloud not working

    My U1000 dash cam (with attached radar) is getting power from an external powerbank. I have turned on the parking mode. My firmware version is v.1.00.13 I have successfully connected the u1000 dash cam to the internet via a wifi dongle, but i am unable to get live view remotely from my...
  5. Z

    USB power bank as second battery for dash cam

    I just received my new Viofo A129 pro duo a few days before, but I been to stay at home for the whole time, so I'm wondering to make something. First of all, I'm new to the circuit and English, so if you find any problems, let me know, please! So I did some research from the forum, and end it...
  6. V

    UPS for dash cam

    If I was to put together a little UPS for a dash cam would anyone be interested ? I am working on a small UPS system that I can use with a USB Power bank, so when I shut my car off the dash cam will take power from the power bank. I KNOW I can hardwire it in, but I like to just make things to...
  7. S

    A129 parking mode not working by powerbank !

    Hi I'm using a129 on my kia cerato When attached to cigarate , after 5 minutes switch from driving to parking mode ( acc on ) But when attached to power bank ( acc off ) , all time working on driving mode! Can you help me ?
  8. M

    Battery Powerbank

    Hi People, At the moment I have a 'Xiaomi 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro' to supply my 'Blueskysea B1W' dash cam when parked, charging time and lifetime of battery are fine, but I have 1 big problem. The problem is when the battery goes empty and the dash cam switches off, and then when I start...
  9. T

    Jump Starter security for powering Dash Cam

    I am thinking on buying two BlackVue 750 2ch for my car and planning on using a jump starter for powering them (mainly in parking mode). My issue is, most jump starters I see are made in China and are made with Li-Ion/Li-Po batteries that can enter in thermal runaway above 140ºF/60ºC, which in...
  10. A

    External Battery for BlackVue 750s 2CH

    Hi All I'm in two minds about buying the Cellink B Neo Battery or the Iroad Power Pack Plus. I understand that the capacity on the Iroad is much bigger but the battery on the Cellink B Neo has fast charge option. Both batteries are LifeP04 so from an overheat safety point of view we are...
  11. BCHobbyist

    A119S Dashcam Parking Mode using Power Bank

    How to setup Parking Mode on A119/S Dashcam using 5 volt Power Bank. Parking Mode records video when the vehicle is parked and requires power when ignition is off. Connecting Dashcam with Hardwire Kit to active fusebox circuit is one method, another is to use a portable Power Bank. Parking Mode...
  12. R

    Uninterruptible power supply using 5V power bank

    I've been driving with my DIY uninterruptible power supply for my Xiaomi YI for quite some time now. Even though the solution seemed so obvious and easy for me, I found it's a rather big problem for dashcam owners (people go crazy with 12V batteries, ridiculously expensive BlackVue power packs...
  13. germany

    ISAW Edge 4k discontinue recording while charging on mobile power bank (external battery)?

    My english isn't the best, so I'm apologizing in advance. :barefoot: I'm using a mobile power bank to charge any smart devices. It has a output of 2 amps so even bigger tablets are no problem. Not so my action camera ISAW Edge. I'm using this camera as a dash cam while cycling. The battery...
  14. OptimalKiller

    Iroad Power Pack LiFePO4

    Evening all, I normally dont post on this forum however I am a regular visitor to this site, however I just wanted to mention this particular a unique product Just purchased this bad boy http://iroadkr.co.kr/global/?page_id=6127 IROAD POWER PACK PLUS [13,600mA / 174.08wh] I always run my...
  15. M

    Use car jump starter battery as a power bank for dash cam.

    Hello, Is it possible to use car jump starter battery as a power bank for dash cam? If yes, we will have power bank for car camera and jump starter in case if we are out of car battery (discharge). Any ideas very appreciated. Thank you
  16. S

    Suitability of Xiaomi 20000mAh Mi Power Bank

    Morning everyone. I'm looking at replacing my PowerMagic with a Power Bank. This will be used to supply my SG9665GC, and possibly a rear camera as well (wiring might be a challenge!). Elsewhere the Xiaomi 20000mAh was recommended (although I can't find that thread now). My questions are: Can...
  17. P

    Need 24/7 360 coverage, with power banks as backup

    Hello guys.. Was 'motivated' to get cameras now that my car just got hit again, the third time in 1.5 months. They are all deep scratches, no major dents luckily. It looks like the work of a truck/lorry reversing into my vehicle or swinging the door open too damn hard. Currently I only have...
  18. T

    Best High Capacity Powerbank Options ?

    After hundreds (thousands ?) of pages of research, I decided to split down my search into components. So here is my question on how to provide back up power once the vehicle is parked. These are to run a dual camera system with the best HD video I can find. QUATTRO Power Pack X10 Dash Cam...
  19. TechnoBuff

    How long b4 a dash cam drains the car battery?

    First time poster here... I would like first to give thanks to several members on this forum including @Sunny @jokiin @Dashmellow @niko @kuoh & many more. I don't know much about dash cams but after watching several YouT vidz & going thru threads on this forum, I feel much more informed. Upon...