1. N

    My Nextbase Player & MacBook Pro problem

    Hi Guys I'm brand new to this forum and this is my very first post, I've found myself here due to an issue I'm having with my 622gw dash cam and the my nextbase player on my MacBook Pro. The issue I'm having is when connecting the dash cam to my MacBook, it's not bringing anything up at all on...
  2. Y

    Connection to build car navigation system

    Hello, everyone, I bought new build car navigation system (Junsun V1 pro) and I would like to pair it with my 70mai Dash Cam Pro. This navigation has got an option to pair itself with its own dashcam. But, i wouldn't like to replace my 70mai Dash Cam Pro. I would like to know your opinion: Is...
  3. Q

    Telematics Dashcam - send gps data direct to my tracking platform?

    Hey all I'm looking to integrate a dash cam that reports to my gps tracking platform these are the requirements 1) have built in tracker, or if not connect to something like a teltonika gps tracker 2) allow me to communicate with camera to request still image(s) at specific time intervals 3)...
  4. J

    Problem with connection

    Hi, i am trying to connect my 312gw to my s10 but it connects with no internet so i cannot progress.
  5. 750s17

    Software Hacking

    The BlackVue provided software is pretty awful, except for the Desktop viewer in SD Card mode. I actually enjoy that piece a good bit. What software/hacking have you built to make this things more useful? I wrote a Go program to pull all the video files off the device over WiFi. This requires...
  6. J

    New Application! Feedback Wanted

    Hey, I’m looking for Dashcam users to help me out. My company is developing a cloud based application that in its most basic form allows users to store and view Dashcam footage back from anywhere. Uploaded videos will be transcoded into multiple formats to allow playback, however fast your...

    Best dash cams for commercial fleets (and much more)

    Hello to all. My name is Risto and I'm from Montenegro. This is my first post obviously. :) Dash cams are not really a thing yet in my country and even in the region, but I think they will be soon and I want to jump on that bandwagon. I have a plan to start selling dash cams to businesses...
  8. J

    Dashcam logs GPS positions as .dat - how to view them

    Guys I have a chinese dashcam which I got as a gift, I have no idea what the brand is. It stores video files in a folder named "100video" in .mp4 format, GPS logs in a separate folder named "gps" in .dat format. Can you guys suggest me a software in order to view those GPS positions on a map...
  9. X

    Is there any way to get less of a wide angle video using scripts or firmware hacks?

    Obviously the fish-eye comes from the lens placed in front of the sensor but I havre seen elsewhere footage that is not so wide and only mentions software or firmware hacks. So other than buying another lens, is there perhaps any way to get the software to choose a central area of the footage...
  10. ccdff

    Mac tools for Xiomi Yi

    A thread where everyone can post a program/tool they found or created to help everyone who ones a yi action camera. Cheers and enjoy ;)
  11. L

    Mac software for playback?

    I see from the Mini series dash cams manuals reference to PC software for playback of video & GPS map data, what is there for iMac users?
  12. J

    Software Issues?

    I'm running into a few software problems. I am running [CF-100 PC Viewer-V0.5.2.EN-0326] on both Windows 7 (recommended OS) and 8, and the issues are identical on each OS. Since the device is brand new, I am assuming it came with the latest Firmware. First Issue: cfsetup.cfg was not found. The...
  13. R

    Firmware Version?

    Hi, I apologize for this newbie question.... I just got a Mini 0806 and checked what firmware version I have. It says "20150511 v1.0". In doing a quick scan here and on the sites I couldn't find that particular version listed anywhere. Perhaps I've just overlooked it? Just...