1. J

    Thinkware F770 stuck in a reboot loop ("rear camera detected, system restarting")

    Hi everyone. Two days ago I had a Thinkware F770 (2ch - front and rear) system installed into my car by Chameleon Direct here in the UK. The install was nice and clean and everything worked perfectly for the rest of that day while I was playing around with it and testing it, I was very happy...
  2. jfsoto1988

    Quite a scare yesterday.

    I know it can be difficult to drive during the early morning & late afternoon hours because of the sun being directly in the field of view, but still.
  3. W

    Considering the F770

    Hey folks, posted this over on r/Dashcam, but it's a little quiet there so I'm rudely posting again. I'm currently sitting pretty with a Nextbase 412GW, and I'm really happy with it. Or, I **was** happy with it, until it suddenly gave in. So it's going back to our masters at Amazon and I...
  4. G

    Is the X350 a BestBuy Exclusive or Discontinued?

    I have a hardwired Thinkware X350. At some point, I will upgrade to a 2-channel dash cam, but for now, I'm 95% happy with the X350 (over-sensitive incident detection+loud beep is the unhappy 5%). I'm just curious that I don't see much about the X350 online and there isn't even a subforum for it...
  5. G

    Cellink Battery B 2nd Gen Wiring for Two-wire Parking Mode (e.g. Thinkware)

    Does the Cellink Battery B 2nd Gen offer BOTH "BATT" (always on) and ACC (ignition-switched) outputs to support parking mode? Or does it only offer one always on output and require that the dash cam be connected to both the Cellink and the vehicle ACC? I've been trying to find a manual or wiring...
  6. Ven

    Thinkware F50 - an issue with my bass in my car triggering Incident Recording

    I had a couple of dash cams installed in my vehicle after my 0801 bit the dust. It just randomly stopped working - I'm not really sure how to describe what happened other than when I reviewed the footage of the SD card and the picture quality got worse and worse within a couple of videos (3...
  7. S

    Any way to get parking surveillance mode enabled using GPS or movement sensor?

    Is there any way to get the parking surveillance mode enabled without using the extra wires? It would be better if it could sense that the car is parked when not in motion or GPS location is static. I know a couple of other vendors have this built in. I would think it's a "simple" firmware...
  8. S

    Average Lifespan in Parking Mode?

    Hello everyone. Finally got a dashcam for my car (Thinkware F770 w/ Rear Camera.) I currently have the camera hardwired to the fuse box (stop lights, and cigarette lighter fuses). I am fully aware of options such as Cellink Battery B, etc... with regards to powering the camera in parking mode...
  9. B20RRL

    Thinkware F770 Review

    Hey guys! Juts popped in to say hello (Been so busy with work). Here is our Unboxing and Review: Here is our conditions footage: I'm going to try and get some footage on the Motorway when I next venture out and also some example "Super Night Vision" and "Timelapse".
  10. K

    Which camera ?

    I want to buy a new dash cam for the front and rear of my car. I don't mind buying two individual ones or 2 channel one. Price isn't such a huge issue. Camera will be hardwired. Looking for something reliable, good video quality (night and daytime) and good parking mode. I was looking at the...
  11. K

    Hardwire Thinkware F750 on Mercedes A Class 220

    Trying to obtain a couple of "add a fuse" to the fuse box in my merc A Class 220 sport (W176). I cannot find what size the physical size of fuse there is in the fuse box as I want to order the "fuse Tap" ( as they say in the US). has anyone experience of this? the 2 cams are installed and...
  12. K

    High quality dash cam recommendation

    The car gets parked in the hot Aussie sun in a car park all day so after something which can deal with high temperature and also offer very good quality video recording. I'm looking to do both front and rear and came across the Thinkware F750 but i'm not sure how this camera stacks up with whats...
  13. S

    Car battery keeps dying

    Hello all, I currently have two street guardian sg9665gc hardwired with the cell power in my car, but the problem is that the cameras seem to stay on all the time or the cut off is too low for my car. End result is that my car battery constantly goes flat. My battery is 4 years old which could...
  14. Vinz Clortho

    Will This Work?

    I have a Ford Transit connect cargo van with no rear windows. I also have a Thinkware X500 2 channel dash cam with a rear camera (not connected because no rear windows). I have it Hardwired, although I could not find a switched (ACC) circuit in the fuse panel so I ended up installing a switch...
  15. H

    F750 Dash cam speed visibility issue , need help.

    I have recently bought 3 thinkware F750 DASHCAM's , but I'm having an issue with it , when I watch a recording ,the speed does not show , only the time and the date . How do I let the speed show up on the recordings ?? For example if I ever got into an accident and I wanted to prove that I...
  16. T

    Thinkware X500

    I just purchased the X500 because I like its features and that it had a rear view camera. It also has lane departure warning which works very well. However, the Forward Collision Warning System Feature seems to think you are constantly going to crash into everything in sight. Over 30 mph it...
  17. E

    Need help with setting up the F750!!!

    I just bought the F750 with front and back camera, hardwired it to the fusebox too. I was so excited to see the footage, but then it just let me down.... here's couple questions with the, just wondering if i can change the camera setting, because i couldn't find it in setting. 1. Does the...