1. forcegk

    70Mai M300 API

    Hello there! I was attempting to solve a problem the 70mai M300 dashcam has. Overall, great camera, specially for the value, but it has a problem that bothers me, and it is the lack of frame-based timelapse mode while driving. That could be easily solved taking a photo every second and then...
  2. Y

    70MAI OWNERS!! I need your help.

    So, i bet y'all know how slow and careless 70MAI support is, many of us 70 mai owners would love the time lapse parking feature to also include back camera on the A500S (aka Pro plus+). i created a threat on the 70mai forum, i would love you guys to give it thumbs up and to pressure them in the...
  3. Timzed

    Timelapse again

    Hi folks, from what I already found here, this is a great forum with really good resources for not just the average hobby photographer. While saying this, I hope that even for this old camera I can still get some help from you guys. So yesterday I tried to create some night timelapse. I have 2...
  4. N

    "t app key shutter" stopped working? (autoexec timelapse at boot)

    Hi all together, I've been reading in this incredible valuable forum for a while now, I even got my autoexec.ash up and running quite good with all the information found here. But now I'm totally stuck. Hopefully you can still assist here... My plan is to automatically start jpg captures for a...
  5. S

    Where is Timelapse on Blackvue Flagship model DR750s ?????? Why no Timelapse???

    Blackvue is the only dashcam maker with no timelapse feature. WHY ?????? And why is Motion Detection on Blackvue cameras useless......WHY??????? C'mon Blackvue......Who cares about 60fps.....We want TIMELPASE and better Motion Detection !!!!! Get it together BLACKVUE or im leaving Anybody else...
  6. D

    Garmin VIRB X Timelapse Test Video

    I got a Garmin VIRB X to use as a dashcam in place of my Garmin 35. The idea is to get a wider view angle plus more storage efficiency from timelapse. I previously used a VIRB Elite as a dashcam but that model isn't meant to run off USB and worked inconsistently. The X and XE are supposed to be...
  7. hanstj

    Exploring the Natural Beauties of the American Southwest (Utah, Colorado, Arizona)

  8. J

    Timelapse with poor bad resolution quality

    Hi. I installed the 1.5.6 firmware into my Xiaomi YI Action Camera and I'm using a Script Controller App. The video looks better now, but the timelapse is poor in quality. Did anybody have the same problem? Any possible solution? Thanks!
  9. diosak

    Night Drive Timelapse

  10. guerchi

    Problem making a timelapse of 12 hours from XYC Script

    Hi all, I have been weeks trying to achieve this goal. I need that these great little camera, take pictures every 5 minutes over a period of 12 hours and then automatically shut down. This process would be repeated for several days to record the evolution of building a machine. For this, I...
  11. A

    Timelapse parking mode vs event trigger parking mode

    Hi guys Just wanted to put this question out as I want to gather feedback on these 2 modes of parking mode on newer more competant dash cams. I have invested in a thinkware F770 and I have used the timelapse mode in parking. I have observed that events triggered in timelapse are recorded in at...
  12. S

    Cutting together files, while having a longer file to be fastened

    Hi guys, I returned from my holidays and would like to cut together some videos and put a sound file to it. I know, a programme like VideoPad can help me with that. But I have a question about one file: I made a six minutes flick about a moving cloud wall. Now, I want to build this into my...
  13. Dashlapse

    Be creative with the Eken H9r

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some input. I've got an Eken h9r, G1W dashcam, an iPhone and a Xiaomi Yi. I make cloudlapse videos with them and I'm looking for creative ideas to keep them interesting. All input is welcome. Watch 1 of my videos here; Dave
  14. Dashlapse

    Using dashcams and action cameras for timelapse

    Hi all, Starting with the iPhone timelapse mode, I've been busy making timelapse videos with lots of cameras; dash, action, phone, etc. The three I filmed the most with; iPhone 6S; perfect videos, great 4K quality which allows me to zoom in to Full HD, during timelapse G1W dashcam; amazing...
  15. P

    Long exposure without scripts?

    Hello! I would like to make timelapse (sunset). But the max shutter speed is limited 1/2 second. The camera doesn't set shutter speed more than this value in the default mode. I don't need the fixed shutter speed. I need reduce the shutter speed (as in default mode) but more than 1/2 second...
  16. Y

    wireless charging

    working on a timelapse time capsule i wanted to keep the yi in the waterproof container while charging found this wireless charging module in my stash. tonight i'll let the setup run and see if it gets enough juice to * top the battery * timelapse every 16sec * have an external pc get all...
  17. B

    Yi Plus - A mod for switching capture and recording modes

    I've created a program to allow mode and setting changes without connecting to a phone and without needing to reboot. I've only tested it with 1.2.12 and 1.2.13 firmware so I can't guarantee it will work on anything else. Download...
  18. vedranius

    Xiaomi Yi 3h timelapse - most of photos are white and 324KB

    Hi all! Today I tried to take a 3h timelapse of sunrise. Connected Xiaomi Yi to Xiaomi's 10000mAh powerbank, and put a Lexar's X633 64GB. Started 0,5s timelapse with WiFi turned ON. After 3h I've stopped timelapse and found out that Xiaomi Yi is very very hot. Got on my PC, where I found out...