1. N

    current date / time in .sh script possible?

    So, It's me again, don't want to get too offtopic my other thread here, that's why I'm starting a new one Since I'm currently trying to configure my Yi Action Cam for a automatic long period timelapse and I'm some kind of noobish I need your help, again ... What I've done so far -...
  2. N

    "t app key shutter" stopped working? (autoexec timelapse at boot)

    Hi all together, I've been reading in this incredible valuable forum for a while now, I even got my autoexec.ash up and running quite good with all the information found here. But now I'm totally stuck. Hopefully you can still assist here... My plan is to automatically start jpg captures for a...
  3. guerchi

    Problem making a timelapse of 12 hours from XYC Script

    Hi all, I have been weeks trying to achieve this goal. I need that these great little camera, take pictures every 5 minutes over a period of 12 hours and then automatically shut down. This process would be repeated for several days to record the evolution of building a machine. For this, I...
  4. nutsey

    HDR expo bracketing script.

    Captures 3 JPEGs with 0EV, -3EV and +3EV exposure bracketing. More adjustments are added for extra details in shadows and highlights. Merge these JPEGs into one HDR using appropriate software.
  5. X

    How do certain command values affect the cameras performance? (i.e. EV, AWB, BLC, etc.)

    After much research and gathering bits and pieces of XY script here and there, I've built up my own basic script but would now like to tweak specific values. For instance, the color & saturation code... I'm trial-and-erroring, but it's becoming very grueling work, and sometimes I can't see the...
  6. D

    Best Xiaomi Yi Script better than GoPro (2K with 30fps at 25Mb/s)

    After experimenting with scripts for the Xiaomi Yi i finally succeded in creating the best possible footage from the Xiaomi Yi. Below a demo video. Because of youtubes compression it doesn't look as good as the RAW footage. Camera model is Z23L with stock firmware 1.2.12. I did the lens focus...
  7. P

    Long exposure without scripts?

    Hello! I would like to make timelapse (sunset). But the max shutter speed is limited 1/2 second. The camera doesn't set shutter speed more than this value in the default mode. I don't need the fixed shutter speed. I need reduce the shutter speed (as in default mode) but more than 1/2 second...
  8. M

    Script to change file names?

    I'm looking for a script that will change the name of files to something like "CAM100001". Does anyone knows how to do it? Thanks!
  9. scootle

    Script Error in RegistratorViewer?

    So this is odd... I have RV working fine on another computer running Windows 10, but on this Windows 7 machine I get the following script error that I can't seem to resolve. This is under RegistratorViewer, which was downloaded via StreetGuardian's website. "Script error in...
  10. T

    xiaomi yi scripts

    hey guys i have a xiaomi yi z23L action cam and am looking for a 2k script for it on fw 1.12.13 thx for help
  11. J

    Software Issues?

    I'm running into a few software problems. I am running [CF-100 PC Viewer-V0.5.2.EN-0326] on both Windows 7 (recommended OS) and 8, and the issues are identical on each OS. Since the device is brand new, I am assuming it came with the latest Firmware. First Issue: cfsetup.cfg was not found. The...
  12. H

    Time lapse video mode always 24fps: any chance to change the framerate?

    I'm very satisfied with the xiaomi yi camera. I modified the firmware and boosted the bitrate to 35 and it's all working fine, execpt one thing: The time lapse video mode is ALWAYS 24fps, but I need 25fps. The bitrate in this mode was way too low and I boosted that one to 35MBIT, too, but I...