1. Z

    USB power bank as second battery for dash cam

    I just received my new Viofo A129 pro duo a few days before, but I been to stay at home for the whole time, so I'm wondering to make something. First of all, I'm new to the circuit and English, so if you find any problems, let me know, please! So I did some research from the forum, and end it...
  2. G

    SG9663DCPRO 2020 Dual Channel VS VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K

    Curious which one you all recommend ? blackboxmycar says the SG Has better video quality. But the SG only offers time-lapse parking mode. While the Viofo offers: Buffered, time-lapse, low bit rate. How important are the parking modes ? Any help or opinions on this topic ?
  3. A

    Shorter rear cable for A129 Duo

    Hey, does anyone know where I can get a rear cable for my dashcam specifically a 2.5m one? The one I have is the 6m which came with the dashcam which is wayyyy to long and I don’t have space to tuck it in etc. I’ve tried contacting Viofo and unfortunately they don’t make one in 2.5m length or...
  4. Y

    A129 HK3 shuts off on remote engine start

    I recently got the Viofo A129 and used the HK3 kit to hardwire it on my 2016 Honda Accord. Everything seemed to run fine - with seamless transition to parking mode and back. Until I started using remote engine start because I wanted my car to get warm in these cool winter mornings. Anyways, it...
  5. SamDude

    Thinkware Q800 or Viofo A129 Pro Duo

    Hello all, I've been looking at a few different models and weighing up the pros/cons. I know the Q800 has it's glitches (video quality is not on par with expectation) but I settled on it as it has the features that I'm looking for - e.g. parking mode, wifi/cloud access (no DAB interference)...
  6. S

    Viofo A129 Duo - What Problems Have You Encountered With this Dash Cam?

    Recently Joe384 mentioned he has a number of problems he's dealing with on his Viofo A129. - - One challenge new and existing customers face is "now knowing what all the problems are" with this dash cam. Sometimes reported problems just get buried in some thead like "buffered parking mode"...
  7. S

    Viofo A129 - Are You Getting Single-Beeps While Driving?

    Joe384 and I have been discussing this issue on the "Buffered Parking Mode" thread. TonyM suggested a new thread, so here it is... The attached pic describes the situation: single beeps are heard once in a while during driving mode - The camera is cutting the videos short when this happens...
  8. A

    Installation in Skoda Fabia

    Currently installing the A129 duo on a Skoda Fabia Mk 1 (similar to VW Polo 9N) as my first dash cam. I've just done the difficult bit of feeding the cable through the rubber grommet to the tailgate, and now trying to decide the best location. I figure in the centre of the vehicle is probably...
  9. alamsas

    Hardwiring Kit fuse options

    Hi guys, I have a '19 WRX and attached is my fusebox map under the driver's side. I understand I need piggyback fuses and so I bought two.. but I realized I could plug the yellow (ACC) wire in one of the vacant slots. The red (Battery) wire however, needs to be actually piggybacked with...
  10. S

    A129 parking mode not working by powerbank !

    Hi I'm using a129 on my kia cerato When attached to cigarate , after 5 minutes switch from driving to parking mode ( acc on ) But when attached to power bank ( acc off ) , all time working on driving mode! Can you help me ?
  11. P

    Different G-sensor sensitivity for parking mode

    I cannot find the option to set a different G-sensor sensitivity for parking mode and driving mode, so I think it doesn't exist. I need two different settings because there are a lot of potholes on my roads and with the highest sensitivity I have a lot of "false positive" and therefore a lot of...
  12. A

    Hardwire Viofo A129 to hybrid Lexus with 14v current

    Hi, I'm hardwiring a Viofo A129 to a Lexus hybrid but the current my voltmeter is showing in the fuse box is 14v opposed to 12v. Will this cause harm to the camera and will the 12.4v that the battery could drain to cause any start up problems with the hybrid engine? Thanks for any help.
  13. Y

    Potential Setup - Thoughts?

    Hey all, First time poster here from Canada. Bought a 2016 VW GTI and will be parking it outside so need a good front/rear setup with parking mode. Looking at getting either a Blackvue DR590 (Buffered parking mode) or Viofo A129 (timelapse - always recording). The climate here ranges from...
  14. PCDoctorEH!

    A129 - GPS failure & now display failure

    Hi Everyone, My dashcam has now totally failed. This is the 3rd VIOFO camera (two past models were A119 and now the A129) that has been faulty or defective in less then a year. The camera is hardwired was working fine for a few months then the GPS stopped working. I had to connect the power to...
  15. P

    My issues about A129

    Hi, I've just intalled my A129 with 3-wire kit. It works well but I've some questions and maybe issues about it. If anyone can help me in this regard, I'd be appreciated. 1. Even I turned the Park Mode - Off, the Camera works when I power off the car. I want to enable parking mode sometimes. I...
  16. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 Duo new Cameras including Infrared for Uber Lyft Taxi

    The A129 Duo Dual Channel 5Ghz WiFi Dash Cam has the most features of all VIOFO products. The accessories and options keep expanding and improving and now include new Cameras. This post will be updated will all Camera versions. The new camera 180 degree Lens rotation feature is a real game...