1. Rusk

    Manual Record Button

    Hi I'm new here! Quick question: I have just updated my 650 2CH from pre v2 to the lastest version. My question is on the manual record feature which has replaced the mute button on the left hand side. How does this work? I have wanted a manual button which many dash cams have which would allow...
  2. Anno655321

    UK - Another vehicle in the wrong lane at a roundabout

  3. M

    Is the current BlackVue range expected to updated anytime soon

    I am interested in buying a two channel BlackVue system at some point this year but I notice that the current cameras haven't really been updated for a couple of years. Do they have a "normal" refresh / new product cycle or do systems remain the "latest" for long periods of time? Many thanks Miles
  4. A

    BlackVue Warranty Return Postage SCAM

    Hi fellow BlackVue owners, I just thought I'd warn you all about what I consider to be a SCAM being conducted by those repairing BlackVue Cameras on their behalf (or BlackVue themselves). Post repair, I received an email telling me my DR750-LW had been repaired and that I was to send $40US via...
  5. Anno655321

    UK - Why can't drivers understand how roundabouts work?

    Wrong lane, no indication, typical Douche!
  6. Najeem

    Audio stops recording

    I have blackvue 650 2ch and for some reason the audio randomly stops recording. I have to restart the camera for it to start recording audio again or activate it using the motion audio sensor. Here are the steps i have taken so far but the problem still exists. -Format SD Card -Put tape on...
  7. egonvdv

    BlackVue 5m 12v/24v Car Power Cable (for DR Series)

    I've got 2 for sale on Ebay
  8. Joshua Kriegshauser

    SD card unformattable after brief stint in DR650GW-2CH

    Two days ago I installed my newly-purchased DR650GW-2CH in my wife's 2011 Honda Odyssey. I also have a previous one in my Nissan Maxima that I installed myself almost a year ago. In the Odyssey I wired the PMP into a blank/unused fuse that has 12v with ignition off and ACC, 12v on Accessory and...
  9. Will70

    2 Mobius or 1 Lukas 7950 or a Blackvue 550 or 650

    Newbie here. I am really perplexed! So many choices. I thought I knew what I wanted but need some help. If one had to choose between using either 2 Mobius one in front in back Or Lukas 7950 dual or a Blackvue 550 or 650 what would be the most sound choice. One of my criteria is small rear...
  10. D

    HELP deciding on a camera set-up...

    Hello, so I have been very close to purchasing the a blackvue cam, but after reading so many issues I am hesitating. Here is what I am looking for, a forward facing cam to capture the front of my car, a rear facing cam to capture the back, and a camera inside to capture the passengers in my...
  11. Anno655321

    Camera turns off while driving (sometimes)

    Hello, I have a PMP set up and the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH connected to it. Now it doesn't happen a lot of the time and generally only lasts for a short time but I will be driving and hear "The BlackVue is now shutting down". Not the best thing to hear when you are driving 50-70MPH. Then after...
  12. J

    Blackvue Cloud with 750 ?

    Hey Guys ! I just bought a blackvue 750, I also found out about Blackvue cloud. I noticed that it doesn't have any compatibility listed for the 750. Does anybody know if it will be compatible with our 750's? I find it odd that it wouldn't be...
  13. J

    Blackvue 750 eating Micro SD Cards

    I purchased a Blackvue 750 last week. It was working good for a few days, then I got a message "No SD Card" I removed the SD Card and placed it back in the dashcam. It asked if I would like to format it, so i did. When the dashcam restarted I got the same message again, NO SD CARD. I tried...
  14. O

    DR650GW-2CH IR, or other interior cam suggestions

    Hi, I am a new user here on the forum. I am looking in to setting up a forward facing dashcam along with a rear facing (from the front) cam to capture the interior. I.E. a taxi cam setup. I was wondering if anyone has done this and managed to get a reasonable light level after dark out in rural...
  15. Alextek

    Problem with G Force being too sentitive?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum. I’ve had my 650 since March 2015 and so far the only complain I have is the G Force. I have a Nissan GTR which the suspension is already stiff, but still if I place the bar on settings as less sensitive it will still activate all the time while driving Events...
  16. tartantopgun

    New Firmware 2.0

    I noticed today that there was a firmware update for the DR650GW 1Ch Blackvue. I downloaded and installed with no issues.... until I tried to connect my Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi was syncing on my phone but it would not let me into the blackvue to review files. So I pissed about with this thing for hours...
  17. dhavie

    BlackVue new model DR650GW-2CH IR

    Guys, I got this information from my local dealers in Philippines. I heard same specs but with IR for the rear cam ONLY. Don't know how much yet. Anyone have any idea?
  18. dhavie

    Transfer rate of Wifi during live view mode comparison between DR650GW-1CH and 2CH

    hi all, Do you all have any reading on this topic? Please share. For me DR650-1CH Live view has a better quality than 2CH. Thank you
  19. M

    hardwiring blackvue powermagic pro in e60

    Hi Noobie here. Sorry if this has been covered before but wondering if anyone knows how to best hardwire the blackout power magic pro to an e60 5 series without going to the fuse box? I have a dr650 and would like to get a constant power feed and switched power without messing about with fuse...
  20. dhavie

    Hello.....from Philippines

    Hi all, Good day. Been here since August 20. Nice to be here. Thanks