1. N

    Firmware update.

    I’m currently on firmware v1.00.09 and I’ve noticed that when connecting via WiFi my continuous recordings are there in sequence, but my manual recordings have stopped since February 2020. Also, when I first connect to the dash cam I get a pop up on my iPhone saying that the latest firmware has...
  2. Davekyn

    Motion Detection Issues

    We have chosen the lowest sensitivity setting for Motion detections, yet leaves slowly blowing in a tree 10 metres away in the rear camera are setting it off or a bird quickly flying past 20 metres away. This means the motion detection is going off several times per minute. It does not seem to...
  3. D

    Need Help! - Looking for ideas for a 4 camera setup that records continuously (360 coverage)

    Greetings Everyone! This is my first post here, and am hoping someone can help me out. Background: I have been using dashcams since 2010 - I've had the VicoVation WF1 1080p can, the Zedge Z3 2k cam, and some others. Why am I looking for a 4 camera setup?: So last October (2019), I purchased...
  4. V

    Dashcam HELP! Wires not fitting in car

    Hi all, I own a Volkswagen Up and I recently bought a Nextbase Dashcam. I attempted to follow the brand's video here But the wires WILL NOT slot into the weather seal, they just fall out as there's not enough material to grip it. I've tried both the passenger and drivers side and have the...
  5. A

    Looking to buy my first dash cam. Any recommendations please?

    I'm looking to buy my first ever dash cam just as a precaution. However, I am unfamiliar with what is worth the money and what is not and what brands to look for and what to avoid :( I'm looking to spend around £100-£150 for a dash cam, £150 if it is of a very good quality. Ideally I just want...
  6. Paddy32

    Will this setup work ? Looking to buying an A119 V3

    Hello, I've never had a dashcam before and I would like to buy one and hardwire it to my car. Where I live (France) dashcams aren't illegal but very rarely used. The 2 models that have made my final list are the VIOFO A119 V3 and the Nextbase 522gw. When I look at the reviews it seems the VIOFO...
  7. B

    PhD Research: Need your videos

    Hey Dashcamtalk, My name is Broderick. I am a phd student at Northwestern University. I do research on the judgments people make from video footage. You can see a recent published research here: I am doing a new project that is seeking to understand how...
  8. P

    New to this site - need help on which dashcam to purchase, please!

    After being in a car accident where I was not at fault but considered part at fault due to not having footage to prove it, I've been wanting to get a dashcam (and after doing some research online, I came across this awesome site!). Thing is, I have no idea where to begin, there are way too many...
  9. K

    Bluish colour?

    Hey guys, I've recently installed one of these viofo a119 and I'm not very happy with the video quality of it. The colour is very blue and the colours aren't vibrant at all. Everything else is working fine just the images aren't a good colour. Does anyone know how to fix this? Would it be a CPL...
  10. S

    Need a budget WiFi + GPS dashcam

    Have a budget of around $100 for a WiFi+GPS 1080p dashcam. Just need good video quality day and night, decent firmware support and don't need a screen. Infact I would prefer one without a screen. Have been looking at this: I like it only because it looks good IMO, but I've been suggested on...
  11. JharwinBlack

    Playback recorded video directly from the screen

    Hey guys, I've been looking for a dashcam and I found this oddly looking but awesome a119 viofo dashcam. Reviews were fantastic and I'm excited to get one! I have a question, in fact I already searched for youtube videos about it, but no luck. I wanted to asked if the 2" screen of the viofo can...
  12. Ditzicow

    Help! TaoTronics TT-CD05 pin question

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to secure the pin on this dash cam. I've googled a few installation videos, but they all seem to jump from unboxing to road testing. The little washer (I guess) doesn't screw/secure/tighten onto the pin. It just rests on it. It easily falls off, which...
  13. vivid

    Please Help Me Choose A New Dash Cam

    Hi, I'm looking for a new dash cam with the following features: Parking mode G-Sensor 1440p resolution @ 30 or 60 fps Adhesive mount Ability to use a hardwiring kit for parking mode and continuous recording; I do not want to plug it into the cig. lighter Very good video quality during the day...
  14. A

    Need some hints to generate Panoramas

    Hello to all, at present i´m testing a lot with a selfmade rig holding 6 Yi Cams (first version...). I have a lot of trouble to stich the pictures. I use the trial version of kolor autopano giga v4.2 for this task. I decide to switch to a original printed brahma-6 or 7 rig. But before i do...
  15. sinaloaeshop

    Broke my dash cam A12 DAB201 after firmware update

    Hi I updated to firmware " DAB201_A12a55_gps_zhongxing_v2385 " And now my camera starts with car logo like always but then turns black screen. First I updated to firmware 2287 but camera worked everything but only started recording 6 seconds and stoped. So then I installed the 2385 and now I...
  16. R

    [Please help] Cant view videos after recording

    Hi guys, everything was okay till i change the resolution of recorded Video to 720 120fps. Now the file format is still .mp4 but i cant not play/view them as normal. I am using Macbook Pro and VLC as my media player. And all videos are downloaded to my Mac Please help
  17. P

    LK-7700 stuck at Uc37 at boot

    Hey guys, After two years of my blackbox working I decided to update it. After following the instructions and using the 7700 firmware, the blackbox boots and just hangs at Uc37 when I boot it. Does not give me the greeting message. Any ideas of how I can fix this? Thanks
  18. Marc05

    SG9665GC vs SGZC12RC

    I need help deciding between these two dashcams. I'd like parking mode, but if I understand it correctly, that canbe achieved by usinng a Power Magic Pro on either cams. Are there any reasons to get one over the other? If there are any other cameras around the same price range that would work...
  19. xing0318

    LS460 at night

    this is my first ever dashcam, is night always meant to be this blurry for the dod? also when I watch back on the computer, the map window is white, but I have GPS on
  20. U

    "Popular Dash Cams" or "Popular Dash Cam Makers"???

    Just happened to notice that under Forums > Popular Dash Cams > BlackVue, is a forum for "Power Magic Pro". Since PMP is not a dash cam, apparently there is a consensus of sorts -even if tacit- that even though PMP is not a dash cam, since it's made by BlackView, it's OK for it to be placed...