mini 0806

  1. RavenManiac

    Mini 0806 GPS Mount Problem

    What I thought was a battery problem with one of my mini 0806's turned out to be an issue with the GPS mount. I remember reading about a pin problem somewhere in this forum, but I can't find the thread. If anyone has that link I'd really appreciate it. Also, is there anyway to replace the GPS...
  2. R0tten

    Done some research and now I need to narrow it down

    I'm interested in a new dash cam. My previous Cobra CDR 820 was OK and I could read license plates to my satisfaction recorded with it, but it was not reliable towards the end. During less than a year I always had power issues where the camera would reboot. What I'm looking for is what almost...
  3. Lovely-connie

    Mini 0806s W/ Super Capacitor, solve the problem of over heating

    New version Mini 0806s, upgrade from Mini 0806, same housing and different motherboard, main difference as followed: Remove a micro SD card Reduce RF interference Improve GPS moduel to increase GPS signal Add AV-Out Add Reset Button Using super capacitor, not built in battery, more safer in...
  4. W

    Editing Video??

    I find I am unable to edit the video created by the camera with anything other than the supplied program. Is there a way to convert the video fragments so I can edit them in Adobe? Adobe's Premier and Media Encoder will not open the files. Media Encoder says they are corrupted. Handbreak...
  5. D

    Blackview failure. red LED is on, not booting (model DT01 a12 chipset)

    hello everyone. used over a year now, good video now stopped all together. its got constant red led on (till built in battery lasts). if connected power supply then blue led comes on but no booting. if pressed reset button, red led goes off. but if pressed ON button comes on again. removed...
  6. D

    Your Recommendation - Replacing Mini 0806

    Background I am used to the quality of the likes of the various DOD models such as the 300/430 and also the Nextbase models based on these. The picture quality is class leading in my experience and despite using them for a number of years, covering 1,000 miles a week, I have had no...
  7. S

    Another bad focus 0806? mistakenly fried for voltage inversion...

    Hello, first of all a greeting and a thank you to the entire community. I found a lot of useful information when I chose the dashcam, my compliments for the site and the forum to all users and administrators!;) I had read of the initial problems of focus for 0806 but I thought were resolved. So...
  8. L

    Just bought one ... card to use and setup tweaks / firmware

    I've just bought one of these and am somewhat terrified by all the problems that people seem to be having with them. Straight out of the box what settings should I change, it has the latest firmware as of mid February when I bought it. The big question what is the best sd card to use? I did...
  9. L

    Weird GPS log issue

    Hi All, I have just purchased the mini 0806, which I find to be a great little dashcam. I have one issue with the gps log data. Shortly after the gps signal is locked, the timestamp in the gps log file skips some hours. It doesn't affect the timestamp of files or the clock stamped on the...
  10. kajmac

    Comparison: SGZC12RC-V2 vs Mini 0806

  11. T

    Repaclement Battery Type

    Good Afternoon, So I tried searching the form and came up with nothing.. So my question is does anyone know the Battery Type; Make or Model? I really don't want to open mine just yet until I know I can get a replacement fairly easy. Thank You, Tyler
  12. kajmac

    In need of a reliable camera!

    It was last week as someone drove into my car in the parking lot, damage of $ 14,000. They drove away without leaving a note, hit and run :(. I have two cameras in the car. A mini 0806 front and 0803 rear, but the 0806 corrupted the files, 5 min before i parked and after. Mini 0803 had not...
  13. R

    Mini 0806 crashes on startup

    Hi, In May 2015 I bought two Mini 0806 dashcams. For various reasons, these were never installed until a few days ago, when I got one installed in the fiancee's car. However, it doesn't work. On startup, it makes the dingadinga sounds and displays the car startup image, then immediately...
  14. DJ_Eatch

    Brand new - What should i get? :-)

    Hi, total newbie to dashcams and the site (but have been reading it for months)... Yes, you probably get a million of these, but I'm incredibly fussy! (from a technical background) I'm looking for a discreet dash cam that has the best video quality both night and day. (I've heard only good...
  15. A

    Mini 0806 DateTime deviate

    I'm experiencing a big problem with DateTime on my Mini 0806. I did set correct current DateTime, but after 40 minutes driving it deviate for several hours. Therefore the DateTime Stamp on my recordings is wrong and all information camera recorded become useless from legal prospective. Any advice?
  16. sumtingwong

    SanDisk High Endurance microSDHC/microSDXC

    Hi guys, I was wondering if it matters if you use a regular microSD cards for your dashcam? SanDisk has released these so-called High Endurance microSD cards which are made for surveillance and dashcam recording purposes. It will stand up to 10,000 hours of Full HD video recording as stated by...
  17. cdmonline

    In-depth first impressions with new Mini 0806 - some initial worries

    Hi, I recently took possession of my new Mini 0806. Although I'm generally very happy with it, there are a few issues I'm trying to work through. I did buy a couple of [cheap] 128Gb microUSB memory cards from China on eBay ($5 each) and I've had both these installed. I suspect 1 of these is a...
  18. Chris Hunt

    Mini 0806 Vs 0826 Images

    New Mini 0826 turned up today so I have taken some quick shots to show the visual differences. Mini 0826 the not as mini, mini. A few more images can be found here .
  19. O

    mini 0806 & Samsung EVO 128GB not working

    Hello, I've got a working mini 0806 with firmware: "0806 GD 20150511 V1.0" This unit works without any problem with a Samsung 16GB micro SDHC card. If I install my new Samsung EVO 128GB micro SDHC XC card, then power the unit on, it begins to record, then appears to freeze. No error, no...