mini 0906

  1. S

    looking firmware for mini 0906

    can someone help me with firmware (BIN and ELF file) for mini 0906,I couldn't find it anywhere to download! thanks in advance!!!
  2. J

    Mini 0906 Night time Recording is Grainy

    Good Day Everyone, I'm having an issue regarding my Mini 0906 recording during night time. It seem that it is simply too grainy and it looks very different from the videos that I see on youtube. I will post some sample screen shot below. What must be done to remove the grainy night recording of...
  3. L

    Incorrect temperature

    I have owned a mini 0906 for a while now, and the temperature display has always been wrong. Ex: it is currently 28F outside, temp display on cam reads as 77F. Has anyone else had issues with this or know what the problem is and how to fix it?
  4. W

    Overheat protection triggered at 97'C

    This summer was very hot and I have noticed once on a car park with south facing car, that my mini 0906 was veeery hot when I got into the car. Then when I have watched the recordings, it was clear to me that when it reached 97'C ! it turned itself off and allowed to cool down to 70ish'C when it...
  5. lancairuk

    Rear Camera Cable Length (Volvo XC60)

    Three years ago I posted photos of the fitting of front and rear Mini 0803's in my Volvo XC60. Recently I replaced the batteries in the 0803's successfully, but thought the capacitor and combined rear camera in the 0906 would do a better and more reliable job. The fitting of the rear camera...
  6. A

    DAB radio in Golf MK7 affected. Losing signal

    Hi all, Just fitting a new mini 906 and still need to setup a hardwire connection, which I will follow posts, any recommendations please post. Main question. My DAB (digital radio in the UK) is quite badly affected, it constantly drops signal. I did find some dual channel setups can do this...
  7. M

    VIOFO A129 DUO Questions

    Hello everyone, I am new to dash cams and looking to buy one. I just have some questions to double check my research data. How is the A129 DUO better than the Mini 0906 and why? How reliable is the A129 with weather and gps-speed stamping? I live in the northeast so the weather can be very...
  8. J

    Can Auto Start Recordingn be Shut Off? Plus a few other questions...

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a mini0906 for my wife’s new Lexus IS350 after her last vehicle was totaled. Having had a dash cam for that accident would’ve helped her, specially since the stupid insurance company keeps trying to pin the accident on her even though she was the one T-Boned...
  9. V

    Parking Guard Questions from a first timer

    Let me begin by stating I know close to nothing about wiring or installation. The Mini 0906 is my first dashcam and exited about using it. I bought the mini 0906 and Veckle Parking Guard hardwire kit Parking mode for my 2013 Toyota 4runner. I want to use the parking...
  10. Cambond

    $30 off Mini 0906 Dual dash cam (Amazon US)

    We ofter $30 off single-use coupon code for Mini 0906 dual dash cam (with GPS mount, CPL Filter, Remote Controller). Only $99.99 after code. Top 5 can get the code. Message us. :)
  11. Z

    Image too blurry on mini 0906

    Was wondering if I got a defective unit. My videos for the front camera is very blurry. Is there a way to adjust the focus? I'm recording at 1080p 30fps.
  12. W

    Mini 0906 questions

    Hello all, I have been on this forum for last few days and I must say that all your inputs in this forum is super informative and very useful. Thank you for that! I am looking for getting a dual channel dash camera for my new vehicle. Mini 0906 seems a good option, however I have some questions...
  13. S

    Lukas LK290 - Parking Mode Signal?

    Hi guys, As a secondary question to my original thread found here: Mini 0906 + Lukas LK 290 - Not Going To Parking Mode My question is, does the Lukas LK290 supports sending the "Parking Mode" signal to its output? As a summary of above thread, my equips are in my sig, and the Mini 0906 does...
  14. S

    Mini 0906 + Lukas LK 290 - Not Going To Parking Mode

    Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of help. I've updated my sig for the equips and settings that I've got and has connected it to my 2013 Outlander ES. I just received the Mini 0906 dash cam (came with a Hardwire Kit, but is not a voltage protection), and Lukas LK 209 (Type A with one...
  15. iSPECLE

    Mini 0906 Dual Channel Dash Cam on Sale [UK]

    [UK Limited Deals] Save £20, iSPECLE Mini 0906 Dash Cam with GPS, CPL Filter, Remote Controller. £109.99 with coupon code: 5MLBSY2E
  16. M

    Mini 0906 parking guard and Celllink b

    Hi First time posting so please forgive if I do something wrong. I am looking into investing in my first dash cam and I have been looking at getting a mini 0906. I would though like to take advantage of the parking guard functionality of the 0906. However I would like to try and avoid...
  17. iSPECLE

    Mini 0906 Amazon UK Seller

    Hi DCT, we are a seller on Amazon UK. ;) Mini 0906 Dual Channel Dash Cam with GPS mount, CPL Filter. £139.99 & FREE Delivery in the UK. Fulfilled by Amazon
  18. Taycarin

    Mini 0906 Dual Channel Dash Cam 1080p + 1080p

    The updated version of Veckle Mini 0906 dual 1080p FHD dash camera has Built-in GPS mount, CPL Filter, Remote Controller, Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, 7 Lens Wide Angle, but no Parking Hardwire Kit (you can buy the hardwire kit here $138.99 on amazon US
  19. Veckle DashCam

    Veckle 1080P Dash Cam for Sale $49.99 (with CPL Filter)

    Veckle FHD 1080P JoJoQ Dashboard Camera Recorder with CPL Filter, Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, 7 Lens Wide Angle 1.5 inch LCD Video Recorder , G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording FOR SALE! $49.99 (Reg. $69.99) with coupon code: D6AFVDIE End: 10/31/2017
  20. Veckle DashCam

    Veckle Mini 0906 Package. with GPS Mount

    The updated version is now available on amazon US [worldwide shipping ] and CA. Includes Built-in GPS mount, CPL Filter, Remote Controller.