1. TonyM

    Mobius Maxi 4K Action Camera / Dashcam

    Mobius Maxi 4K Action Camera / Dashcam Mobius have released a true 4K resolution action camera : Mobius Maxi 4K Key Features - 4K 30fps, 2.7k 60/30fps, 1440p 60/30fps, 1080p 120/60/30fps, 720p 240/120fps - Lens A : 150° diagonal, F2.8 - Low power consumption / low heat generation - USB-C...
  2. Jeremy

    Dashcams Did Their Job Today (Street Guardian + Mobius)

    Hey Guys, Been a while. I'm not a big member here but I'm an early adopter of the original Street Guardian 9665GC. My wife was running this in her car today, along with a Mobius for the rear cam. My wife was rear-ended today, pretty bad. She was thrown into the car in front of her. Firstly...
  3. T

    SD Cards

    Is there a list of supported SD Cards that are proven to work with the Maxi? Also, is there a maximum SD Card size that will work with the Maxi? New SD Cards are coming out with increasingly larger capacity. 256 & 512GB are getting lower in price and more readily available.
  4. TonyM

    GitUp F1C vs Mobius Maxi

    Both the Mobius Maxi and GitUp F1C are matchbox-sized action cameras which have modes and features that make them suitable for dashcam use. Disclaimers: I received the F1C from @gitup in July 2019 for testing I received the Maxi from @Mobius in January 2018 for testing Dimensions Maxi - 71 x...
  5. omgomgomgsecurity

    Is there such thing as a side view dashcam? (For your car doors)

    Hi all, just wondering if there is such thing as a side view dash cam that will watch the sides of your car? Like the doors and stuff
  6. B

    Mrs wants a dashcam

    Hi all it's been a while since I last posted on here. I'm still using my mobius dash cam which has been great. The Mrs has just got a new car and wants a dash cam,can anyone recommend? Are mobius's still good? She's looking at spending £75 max
  7. M

    A real melt down for Mobius

    Whilst visiting my daughter, I forgot to unplug my 2 Mobius cameras in my van. About 2 hours later I went out to get an item from the back of the van, only to smell this terrible odour, and thought that someone was burning rubbish. At that point my daughters partner can rushing out saying I had...
  8. T

    Mobius Not recording- Techno Wizards Help - Damsel in Distress

    I had a Mobius 1 that worked sometimes. It died in a swamp so I got two Mobius 2 cameras. They never worked every time, and now won't record at all. A few times it recorded for a minute and then not again. Mobius A - green light when plugged into charger....turned power's in orange...
  9. R

    Mobius Issues

    Hi guys. After my old mobius packed p, I bought a new one - and put a supercapacitor inside to use as a dashcam. I have configured it properly using Msetup, - Auto record is set to both, and Power off Disconnect is immediate. However, the problem is - sometimes when turning the car on - it...
  10. D

    Low bitrate and low fps settings

    I've been trying to find information about the Mobius lower bitrate and low framerate 5fps settings with no success. Seems like people are only concerned with the best quality settings. What is the bitrate at the lowest option selectable? And when you reduce FPS does it scale the bitrate to...
  11. Unicorn

    New Dash Cam Recommendations for Work Van?

    I am in the market for a couple of new cams for my work van. At the moment I have a Transcend Drivepro 200 mounted beside the rear-view mirror, and a Mobius mounted near the rear window looking backwards. I’ve had this setup for a couple of years now and it works fine, but is in need of being...
  12. Dashmellow

    Mobius Varifocal Zoom IR

    For quite some time I'd been noticing an interesting M12 zoom lens on Banggood selling at a very attractive price and finally went ahead and ordered one. This is a fast ƒ1.4 - 2.8mm to 12mm Varifocal manual zoom designed for CCTV cameras that will accommodate a 1/3 inch sensor and captures an...
  13. J

    using HDMI cable extension for Mobius camera = extreme remote?

    Hi, first post. Nice guides on the dashcams you got here and a pretty helpful forum. I had one of the (nowadays $50) dashcams some years back, but it killed itself while the car was sitting in the sun at 17 deg south of the equator. At least I got my $140 back after this happened and didn't...
  14. Hermes14

    Mobius or Viofo A119

    The more I search the more I seem to come back to these two. The three requirements I am looking for in a dashcam is stealth, definition, super capacitor, It must be able to handle the heat over here I South Africa & I would like it to be hard wired into my car. A screen & WDR isn't important...
  15. Dashmellow

    Mobius A2 lens experiences & observations

    It's been taking longer than I anticipated thanks in part to the harsh winter weather and some other priorities but I've been testing out the new Mobius A2 lens for the last two months using a camera that ships with the A2 module installed which was graciously provided to me by the developer...
  16. 5

    I've read the FAQ! Please Help this dumbass make a decision - 360 degree parking cam

    Note: I've read your FAQ Hi guys THe only reason the previous owner sold this vehicle to me is because he was sick of stressing about it in car parks. This car is paritcularily special and it was vandalised once under his ownership and he thus decided to sell. Actual driving dash cam function...
  17. A

    Randomly ceasing to record + other issues

    I use a Mobius as a dash cam and have had a ton of issues with it lately. Essentially, my Mobius has begun randomly deciding when it does and does not want to record. It is set to automatically record when the power is connected. Sometimes, when I start my car and the power comes on, it will...
  18. T

    64gb card - Format Fat32 or Ex-Fat?

    Hi Guys, I'm confused as to whether a 64gb card (Transcend Premium 400X) should be formatted as Fat32, or Ex-Fat? And is this best done in-camera? It's for 5 minute loop recording. Many thanks for any help.
  19. B

    Mobius 360 dashcam / drone only 120g

    Just finished designing a small compact lightweight 4 camera kit, uses four Mobius C2 cameras (camera module + circuit board). 3D printed in PETG material, is well suited to dashcam and drone applications, at a budget price. More at Website I just started setting up at Need...
  20. T

    Mobius M2 doesn't work when its chilly

    My M2 is hardwired & comes on with the ignition. Except the last 2 mornings it hasn't. On both days its recorded my journey home from the station in the evening but both mornings it didn't switch on. At all. Not with the ignition or manually. I'm in south east England so it isn't especially...