1. Solo81

    Wiring 2 mobius cameras together...

    I want to wire two mobius cameras together to run off a singe USB external battery. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  2. Chromatic

    Followed really Drunk Driver last night - Called Highway Patrol

    Last night as I was turning onto the Interstate,.. I noticed the guy in front of me A) Had a really banged up car, but immediately noticed an odd 'turn' .. and thought (as I say in video) he may be drunk. It didn't take very long to realize this person was absolutely plastered drunk behind the...
  3. B

    Argh - so confused! Any advice appreciated!

    Hi all, If anyone can help me consider the most suitable camera to buy after considering my needs below that would be much appreciated. I've previously used an Itronics ITB-100HD, which from what I recall did everything well except perhaps night time video quality. I'm now looking to...
  4. sd4x4

    Custom Mobius install with remote lens

    Mobius dashcam install Finished off my Mobius dashcam install today, pleased with the stealth look. Had the camera initially attached to the windscreen, but it hung down below the mirror so was too obvious for me from outside. Then tried to install it below the mirror housing, adapting the...
  5. thancam

    what point of mobius make you feel happy the most ?

    Compare to sjcam, goro hero, sony action cam and the others, what point of mobius make you feel happ the most ?
  6. BobDiaz

    Do we really need 60P on a dash cam?

    Do we really need 60P on a dash cam? Please vote BEFORE reading this post, thanks. :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ civic, I hope you won't mind my taking your question into a poll, but it's something that I've been thinking about. I'm...
  7. T

    Small, Always On Dash Cam

    Hello everyone, Great forum, but I am feeling overwhelmed. I am looking for a small, fairly inconspicuous dash cam. I would like to be able to have it running/recording all day in case someone backs into my car, vandalizes, etc. I would prefer something with fairly good video quality day and...
  8. C

    Mobius Action Camera or Wideangle #26 808 Camera - Trade for Action Cameras

    I have multiple action cameras and dash cameras I can offer for trade. Anyone have a mobius or a wideangle 26 808 camera they are interesting in trading?
  9. J

    Hard wiring mobius to golf mk5?

    Has anyone successfully hardwired their mobius in a mk5 golf using a piggy back fuse? I've tried piggy backing off the cigarette lighter fuse which is only powered when ignition is on, but the mobius keeps running? I'm using a super capacitor so I thought it would shut off when I take the key...
  10. London WitnessCam

    A collision near Harrods in London, or was it..

    Cameras mounted in a large Coach
  11. D

    Pre-Purchase questions...?

    Hi there, I'm looking to buy a Mobius for a rear-facing 'dash' cam. A few questions before I buy... 1 - Is "Bang Good" a genuine Mobius seller? Or are they fakes? 2 - Is the C2 the best wide-angle Mobius? 3 - Can you record in small clips (1, 3, 5 mins etc...)? 4 - When your card is full can...
  12. dashtalk

    Can C2 lense be installed in any mobius version?

    Can C2 lense be installed in any mobius version? It seems that it gives better night performance. Also is the performance difference worth the upgrade?
  13. newton

    Power bank with Motion detect mode for security and driving?

    So Im going to add a second mobius to the rear of my car and just need a bit of help with something Im considering doing please. I want to use a power bank to use for security footage when Im parked away from home. Preferably to put the mobius in motion detection mode. Rather than needing a...
  14. J

    Having trouble connecting Mobius to computer for setup

    I've had the mobius for 7-8 months now and it has been working completely fine. I had it set up to start recording when power is introduced and when disconnected, it continued recording for 10 seconds, after which it turned off. Until two days ago, I had no problems with it. I noticed that...
  15. D

    Hardwiring Two Dashcams

    I already have a hardwired dashcam in the front windshield, but I'm thinking about adding another hardwired dashcam to the back. Do I need to buy another separate add-a-circuit and DC-DC converter module? Supplies I used to hardwire first dashcam: Mobius Dashcam Add-A-Circuit DC-DC Converter...
  16. 3

    Pictures working, but no video :\

    Hey all, So I've been having this problem for a while, but I figured why not make a post about it now. My mobius has been working, i.e turning on, leds work, taking pictures, writing to the sd card, but when I try to record video, the blue and/or yellow lights just turn off, but the camera...
  17. Dashmellow

    Mobius Remote Lens Eyeball Cam

    This project is a follow-up to the DIY “Mobius Remote Lens Tube Cam” I posted two weeks ago. Like that project, it was also created as a companion cam to the DIY “Low profile tripod thread windshield mounts” I posted about two weeks ago as well, with the goal of creating something small and...
  18. Dashmellow

    Mobius Remote Lens Tube Camera

    A long time ago, I bought a 20cm Mobius lens extension cable but I never did anything with it. In the meantime I've been observing all the interesting, creative things people have done remote mounting the Mobius lens module in other objects like sensor housings, GPS housings, old VCRs and the...
  19. Will70

    2 Mobius or 1 Lukas 7950 or a Blackvue 550 or 650

    Newbie here. I am really perplexed! So many choices. I thought I knew what I wanted but need some help. If one had to choose between using either 2 Mobius one in front in back Or Lukas 7950 dual or a Blackvue 550 or 650 what would be the most sound choice. One of my criteria is small rear...
  20. Spinball

    mSetup won't recognise either of my two Mobius cams on Windows 10 computers

    mSetup won't recognise either of my two Mobius cams. Both cameras have the capacitor rather than the battery. I am using two cables both with data enabled. mSetup updated itself to version I've tried it with an SD card in and without. The PC can see the contents of the SD card...