1. MrWigster

    Mobius C2 Lens Focus Grub Screw - size/availability?

    Firstly, hello all. I received my first Mobius C2 camera today in the hope of recording my bike(cycle) rides. Upon first testing the focus was set far too close, in completely macro mode.. so I opened it up, unscrewed the grub screw that holds the focus lens in place, got it perfectly in...
  2. J

    Side by side by side by side - Gopro, Cube+, Foxeer and Mobius

    Hey guys, here's a side by side by side by side video i put together to help settle the action cam wars. Please tell me which you think is the clear winner!
  3. D

    Windows 7 PC unable to run video or open photos, ok with a Mac

    I am a newbie and have tried everything I know to open and run a video file created by my Mobius actioncam. I tried it on my wifes apple and can get it to work. I have tried copying the video file but it will not even copy it. I have 2 PCs that have identical operating systems and the results...
  4. W

    DIY: Free- $5 Mobius Motorcycle Helmet Mount

    Hi all, Long time lurker. I got some great ideas from this forum and just wanted to share back some ideas. I purchased a Mobius camera and had it hard wired to my motorcycle. However, I had a mishap that ruined my wire, so I had to come up with a new way to mount it. Tools required: Scissors...
  5. mac

    Mobius Weather Sleeve.

    Has anyone used one of these with success? Mine is two weeks old and has had the sd card removed a total of 4 times. On a related note, has anyone had success contacting recently?
  6. 3axis

    Mobius leightweight 3D Gimbal!!! an open DIY-projects based on Lasercut

    Hey, there is an amazing free DIY project, it´s a Mobius 3axis Gimbal for DIY! Everybody can built it with easy components, just a Lasercutting-Frame. All the Gimbal incl. Cam and great Controller around 160g!! Awesome!
  7. J

    A dashcam for a hot climate?

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to dashcams, and considering how "well" people drive in my country, i'm looking forward to buying one. I live in the Dominican Republic, especifically in the capital city. Temperatures here are almost always between 25 °C and 35 ° C, it rarely drops below 20 ° C and...
  8. Spinball

    Would it be a good idea to add links to the mSetup & Firmware Changelogs to the sticky thread?

    Hi folks, so this site is my 'go to' place for information on my dashcams. But I've just searched round here and the general interwebs in vain to find changelogs for both the mSetup utility and the mobius firmware. I believe that 'if it's not broke, don't fix it', so viewing the changelog is a...