1. fchar

    Key Lock dashcam/GPS mount?

    Hello everyone, I just joined this community, I hope to share and contribute! I would like to ask something maybe not too frequent for dashcam and GPS owners: I'm considering a few"Uber" dashcam models to buy one soon (Vantrue N2 Pro, Viofo 129 Duo IR, Anker Roav Duo), as well as a 5'' Garmin...
  2. omgomgomgsecurity

    Is there such thing as a side view dashcam? (For your car doors)

    Hi all, just wondering if there is such thing as a side view dash cam that will watch the sides of your car? Like the doors and stuff
  3. B

    TOGUARD Mirror Mount

    Hey guys! I recently purchased a TOGUARD dash cam and rear view mirror from amazon. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that it’s primarily used to strap over your existing mirror. I was wondering if anyone knew of mounts that I could purchase to attach on the new mirror for a more own look. I...
  4. D

    Sticky mount wearing off

    My camera keeps falling because the sticky mount has dried up/melted. Is there any way to get a replacement mount (just the sticky part)?
  5. R

    Can I install sticker mount to the rain sensor area?

    Hi guys, I want to install A118c dash cam with the sticker mount, and it looks the best right under the rain sensor area. However, i am not sure if the sticker mount wouldnt harm the area, when uninstalled. I already know, that it is fine to install it on dotted area, but this is a bit different...
  6. R

    Installing dashcam behind a heated windscreen

    Hi guys, I have recently bought my first dashcam - its a G1W-CB from Gearbest. I have Ford Mondeo MK4 with heated windscreen. After installing the dashcam, I find left and right end of the footage blurred. I dont know if I have installed it incorrectly, or it is a heated windscreen issue or the...
  7. J

    How to mount on windshield

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying the T5e but I have some doubts regarding how to mount it on the windshield. I saw it has a "flat adhesive mount" but don't really know what it is (sorry, I never used a dash cam). How do you "stick" your camera to that mount? I read another thread where someone was...
  8. Korazu

    New owner of a SG9665GC V3

    I've had my SG for about 3 weeks and completely love it. However, we've had a few 100F+ days, not including the heat index and found that the sticky between the mount plate and the foam pad have separated. Now the foam pad is stuck to my window and not the plastic mount, where it needs to be...
  9. GPSMapper

    Dashcam plays in a mount ring

    Hi, I have just purchased DR650S and during mounting noticed thay there it is not sitting tight in a mount ring and plays noticably. Similar to what is filmed on this video: Is it normal? Tnx.
  10. BarkityBark

    B40/A118 Replacement Parts source/info?

    Any idea where I can purchase the new plastic piece that sticks onto the windshield for the B40/A118? Also a generic car charger cord? My daughter sold her car and forgot to get those things out of it. :-(
  11. John G

    Need Cam for Dash (NOT windshield)

    I was about to buy a dash cam when I learned that several states do not allow anything to be mounted on the windshield (CA, NJ, etc.). This throws a wrench into what cam I can use, since I will be mounting whatever I get, in a 45 foot Class A motorhome, going through all 49 continental United...
  12. A

    Rearview mirror mount for G1W

    Hello everyone, I've purchased the G1W for a Honda Civic a while back and need a way to attach it to the rearview mirror to keep it discrete to both others outside the car and for myself when I'm driving. I've tried velco, lots of velcro actually, but it melted away and eventually fell off due...
  13. vivid

    Please Help Me Choose A New Dash Cam

    Hi, I'm looking for a new dash cam with the following features: Parking mode G-Sensor 1440p resolution @ 30 or 60 fps Adhesive mount Ability to use a hardwiring kit for parking mode and continuous recording; I do not want to plug it into the cig. lighter Very good video quality during the day...
  14. G

    Suction cup mount to fit Rexing V1 dash cam?

    I recently bought a Rexing V1 dashcam as a replacement for a G1W cam. I tried using the G1W's suction cup mount, but the tab-slot mount doesn't fit well into the Rexing's T-slot mounting face. I need a suction cup mount because it will be used between several different vehicles (my work truck...
  15. germany

    Searching a minatur 1/4 inch screw clamp?

    It's not a real DIY project but I guess it's the right category anyhow. To mount a Mobius on one of my headrests in the back of the car I'm looking for a midget stand clamp whatever. There are a lot on ebay like the well known: Manfrotto Super Clamp GoPro clamp Walimex Pro 20470 Mantona...