parking mode

  1. karim174

    Wi-Fi Frequency, 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

    What do these figures mean and how does it affect the battery on parking mode? The user manual does not clarify its figures
  2. karim174

    No WiFi in parking mode

    To get live view from anywhere in the world, you will need to have the dashcam hard or obd wired and connected via a in-car mobile hotspot. If you have the U1000 model with the radar module active and on energy saving mode, then the remote cloud viewing (whilst parked), wouldn't work. This is...
  3. H

    How does A129 Pro notify you of any impact?

    I see that Thinkware U1000 and Blackvue DR-900S-2CH say out loud the number of impacts you hand when you turn on the car. How does A129 Pro do that?
  4. T

    Hit & Run: C̵a̵n̵'̵t̵ ̵ Can make out license plate! - let me know if you cant see it! Hoping for some assistance in making out this license plate. My guess is GPC-174 or 6PC-M74. Clearly it's a red Avalanche. If anyone has better software or wants to assist, I...
  5. I

    Energy Consumption 2.0?

    "The dashcam has an energy-saving feature for use when in parking mode. Thinkware says that this energy-saving mode can last for up to 24 days whilst parked. " Source: 24 days running on your car battery or external battery or what? I'm assuming...
  6. V

    Parking Mode Testing

    How come there are little to no videos or info online about dash cam parking mode ? I just want to SEE an actual example of someone activating and using parking mode instead of just them talking about how it works. Please SHOW examples/videos of this. I want to get a dash cam, but lack of...
  7. A

    Parking mode feature request - scheduling

    Not sure if this is the right place for a request, but I've seen that VIOFO people are reading the threads. It would be useful for my usage scenario if it would be possible to enable parking mode on a scheduled basis to avoid having to go through the menus to turn it on or off every time...
  8. S

    Using OBD cable. Parking mode and “stop start” causes powers down.

    I had my DR900S-2CH installed with the OBD Power Pro cable recently by Halfords. It was only going into parking mode for a minute or so before shutting down. I realise I’d probably need some battery accessory for extended parking recording but that didn’t seem right. I then remembered there was...
  9. S

    Car camera - capture damage while parked

    I have a problem that I hope you can help me with. I park my car on the roadside at the end of a quiet no-exit street. The road is steep and cars will frequently drive up to the end of the road, do a 3-point turn, and depart. Unfortunately while executing the turn they back very close to my...
  10. T

    DR02D and parking mode

    Hi guys, I'm new on the forum. I am the proud (not that proud actually) owner of an Aukey DR02D (front and back) dahscam aswell as the hardwire kit with motion sensor. And I hit my first problem with it :/ It does not work like motion sensor :( It records everything on a 24/7 basis. I live in a...
  11. A

    Solar panels to help prevent 12v car battery drain in parking mode

    I currently have a small solar panel which I think is 1.5w and does very little. My car can sometimes be left for over a week without being used. My car is supplied as new with a 063 battery, and as the battery tray is big enough I have fitted a 096 battery instead for extra capacity. I use an...
  12. W

    DIY: Scheme extension battery pack parking mode

    Hi, I would like to extend my car battery with some more power, just to be safe, sometimes I park for a very long time in a parking lot and then its necessary to have some extra power. I had already some people who drove against my car without leaving any note ☹ I made up next scheme to...
  13. G

    Looking for a budget-friendly dash cam with buffered parking mode and and least 1080p resolution

    This is my first foray into the dashcam world and I'm interested in a decent quality dash cam-would prefer dual but that's probably out of my price range at the moment. I'd really like a dash cam that has a good-to-great parking mode because I park daily in a garage with extremely narrow spots...
  14. T

    Parking mode says I have 10 incidents - but no files!

    Have the 2channel Thinkware F800 Pro Before entering my car, I see a blinking red light. Open the door and the voice tells me there are "10 recorded incidents". When I go to my App > File List > there are no new videos recorded. Side Note: I reformatted the card just now and hoping it will...
  15. P

    Different G-sensor sensitivity for parking mode

    I cannot find the option to set a different G-sensor sensitivity for parking mode and driving mode, so I think it doesn't exist. I need two different settings because there are a lot of potholes on my roads and with the highest sensitivity I have a lot of "false positive" and therefore a lot of...
  16. N

    What is special about parking mode when my B1W is always powered?

    I have just bought B1W and installed recently. In my car, the cigarette lighter socket continues to get power even after the key is removed and car is locked. I had left the B1W in on position over night like this as well. In this case, how does this state differ from parking mode?
  17. L

    Parking Mode

    I have a 412GW as a rear facing cam and a Mirror cam at the front. Parking mode on the Mirror cam works as expected, but on the 412GW it's so sensitive that it’s useless. Having it turned on simply produces loads of videos of my neighbour’s house across the road and a flat battery. I took the...
  18. erlendsae

    DDPai Mini 3 Parking Mode Settings

    Hello, Just finished installing the DDPai M3 with the hardwire kit. I just can’t see why I don’t have the parking mode settings in the app, like change from/to 1F per sec or video, active time etc. I attached a screenshot. Hope some of you have a solution, because now it goes in parkingmode...
  19. S

    Manual / guide / set of instructions for how to install a hard wire 129 duo for parking mode?

    Hi all, As a complete newbie in the field of dashcams, I would appreciate if anyone could kindly direct me to a set of instructions on how to set up the hardwire kit with my 129 Duo for parking mode. To be specific, I will take the dashcam to a local shop to have it installed but since this is...
  20. M

    Dash cam for parking mode with a IOS app for viewing feed

    Hey guys, I'm looking into the 2 channel dash cam where I will be able to connect to dash cam WiFi and check the recorded content remotely on my iPhone so I would not have to disturb the current recording. I'm parking my car supper close to my apartment so the car would be within the range of...