1. V

    Cigarette adapter won't charge

    Hello, *sorry for my English* Today I buy 322GW model and I follow instructions to fully charg on USB cable, so I did it like 3h and blue light is gone so fully charged, and I went to car, and before I do anything I gate alert on screen *battery low connect in the car adapter* like what's...
  2. S

    Dash cam power supply

    I'd like to ask a question - I need to instal longer cable (USB - Mini USB-B) in a car as power supply for dashcam. But when I do this, camera will start to blink and keeps shutting down, memory errors and such troubles (not usable). Several cables (also widths of them) tried. It seems to me...
  3. Paddy32

    Lenght of usb power cable

    Hello, How long is the cable provided in the box with the A119 V3 ? Is it 1 meter ? 5 meters ? I can't seem to find the information on internet. Cheers.
  4. M

    Battery Powerbank

    Hi People, At the moment I have a 'Xiaomi 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro' to supply my 'Blueskysea B1W' dash cam when parked, charging time and lifetime of battery are fine, but I have 1 big problem. The problem is when the battery goes empty and the dash cam switches off, and then when I start...
  5. T

    F800 Pro has power while parked - but not recording!

    My parking mode has power but isn't recording. A few notes below: - I can access the cameras via Live-View while the car has been parked overnight - there are heat-circles on the windows (frost) indicating that YES the cameras are receiving power. This used to work prior. But simply stopped...
  6. C

    Keyless entry doesnt work after dash cam install with power magic pro

    I just recently installed my cobra 2216d dual dash cam in my 2014 chevy cruz. I ran power off my interior fuse box. My constant power is coming from an unused fuse and my accessory power is coming from the cigarette lighter fuse. The power is running to my power magic pro unit and then to the...
  7. DashBoat

    Camera shuts down almost right away after power disconnect

    I just installed my A129 and noticed that it shuts down almost immediately after power is removed. No shutdown sound either. I don't have the rear cam hooked up yet. My A119 would stay up for 2 seconds or so and do a proper shutdown. Is there a way of telling if this was a proper shutdown...
  8. ivantwilliams

    Cigarette lighter connection

    Trying to understand how these Garmin 55 dash cams work. If one does not connect the camera to the fuse box, but to the cigarette lighter instead, when the car is off, no power to the camera, right? To be honest, I might not connect to the fuse box, since my car is still under warranty, and I...
  9. C

    Dashcam power adapter

    Hi, I brought a used car and the previous owner left the blackvue holders (front and rear) as well as the power leads wired in. I don't plan on buying a blackvue cam although I realise that would be the easier thing to do. I wondered though if there are any other dashcams which use the same...
  10. P

    Alternate power source

    Hi, Is there anyway to plug this into something other than the cigarette lighter? I use that for a fm transmitter / phone mount. p.s. Anyone in Toronto looking to buy this? PM me.
  11. Warren Chrol

    MINI 0801S Turns off instantly after un-plugging

    Hey guys, new here, just signed up today. I've had this dash-cam since May, 2017 and since I've had it it has always INSTANTLY powered off (with the Power Off screen) as soon as it is disconnected from a power source, whether that's the mounting itself, or the cigarette-lighter. My Dad has the...
  12. D

    Converting cigarette lighter plug to usb

    Thinking of chopping off the cigarette lighter end and converting it to usb I know I can just buy a long cable but I'd in DIY mode right now, so has any of you done this would you consider it “safe”?
  13. clooner

    Dashcam is power cycling after install in new car

    Recently I bought a new car and decided to move the 12v to 3a 2x usb power and my dashcam an a118c to the new car. With the old car, I simply took the power from the mirror. With the new one, I tried to do exactly the same thing. That said, after hooking everything up it seems that in the new...
  14. Jax Dash Cams

    Hardwire Problem

    I have two A118 (non-capacitor) cameras in my car - one will power up with a turn of the ignition key but the other won't. I've been powering them for the past year with a dual power port (cigarette lighter style) and wires dangling around in the cabin. I wanted to clean it up so I ordered two...
  15. D

    Power connection and GPS

    Which USB port is the correct one for power on the 0826? There are 3. If I connect to either of the two on the GPS module the camera runs on its own battery until it is depleted. I have to attach the power to the main body of the unit for it to work correctly. The unit was advertised with GPS.
  16. speedingcheetah

    Flickering issues with lcd - power related?

    I have noticed some excessive flickering with the built in LCD when it is plugged into my vehicle. It doesn't do it when I connect the cam up inside home. (Flicker option in the settings has no effect). The recorded videos are just fine. Unless this is just a normal thing when its sunny out, I...
  17. T

    BMW MINI (R56) Best internal fuses to tap (Answer)

    This is not a question, but I thought it would be useful as an easy to search for post. The answer is: Permanent Power: Use the ODB (5A) fuse. That's F27 on my MINI but that might vary. This circuit remains live for > 12 hours under my tests, so safe to presume it is truly a permanent live...
  18. T

    Parking mode and unreliable "permanent" power in modern cars

    I just had a dashcam fitted today to a Mini (BMW, not original). Ran into a problem where according to the chap (who is a specialist fitter), trying to get a clean 12V always on feed is nigh on impossible in BMWs and many modern cars. He said that the car tends to put all ancillary circuits to...
  19. Bernard Maltais

    Another GPS Mount power issue

    I am starting a new thread because the other is marked as solved. I just noticed my 1 month old A119 is not working anymore when attached to the GPS mount. If I attach the usb cable directly to the unit it power on... but with the usb power on the GPS received and the A119 attached to it it...
  20. P

    Power supply issue Amacam AM-C60

    I am having fun hard wiring my dash cam into my Audi A4 B8. I have purchased the Amacam hard wire kit and tried to power up the cam today. I get a power light come on the unit but it wont turn on. I know the camera works as it works fine off the cigarette lighter in my van. Any help would be...