1. Wita Aldian

    Xiao Yi - Bootlooping

    Hi guys, i have problem with my yi camera, the problem is make my camera like have a Bootlooping. Here is the video : The first problem is my camera is bricked, and i use a method from @cruz by using ELF files, its work fine, but next day, my camera start looping like in the video, i try...
  2. L

    Do these things actually work?

    I'll start with the simple question... do any of these Chinese DashCams ACTUALLY work? I bought a G1WC earlier in the year, and it was useless. Never recorded properly, had a mountain of corrupt files and would randomly turn on and off. I got my refund, and threw it in the bin. Last month I...
  3. K

    G1W-CB Beeping Noise Issue During Playback

    I just purchased a G!W-CB from ebay and everything seems to be working just fine. The only issue I'm having is why I keep having this beeping noise during my playback recordings? It sounds like a static sound in the background. If anyone has had a similar issue or has found a solution, PLEASE...
  4. tartantopgun

    New Firmware 2.0

    I noticed today that there was a firmware update for the DR650GW 1Ch Blackvue. I downloaded and installed with no issues.... until I tried to connect my Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi was syncing on my phone but it would not let me into the blackvue to review files. So I pissed about with this thing for hours...
  5. insmuh

    GPS problem in athermic windscreen of C-MAX

    Hello there i got my mini 0806 2 days ago from gearbest. i mounted it in the middle of the windscreen under rain sensors (position 1) but i couldnt get any GPS connection i removed it and try to turn on the cam outside the window so it got the signal and the led became continuous green. then i...
  6. A

    New Xiaomi Yi poor video quality ?

    Hi there guys! I'm Alexis and i'm new here! I recieved the Yi two days ago and i was trying all the accessories and that stuff. I think my camera is having a few differt troubles. The model is: YDXJ_v23L and i got the last firmware by the app (i think is 1.2.5 or someting like that). 1) The...
  7. vedranius

    Xiaomi Yi 3h timelapse - most of photos are white and 324KB

    Hi all! Today I tried to take a 3h timelapse of sunrise. Connected Xiaomi Yi to Xiaomi's 10000mAh powerbank, and put a Lexar's X633 64GB. Started 0,5s timelapse with WiFi turned ON. After 3h I've stopped timelapse and found out that Xiaomi Yi is very very hot. Got on my PC, where I found out...
  8. N

    Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Wifi problem

    Hi everybody! I have unbricked my camera with 3 red lights. It worked fine when I unbricked with 1.2.6 version and then I updated my camera to 1.2.12 version. Now I can't connect my camera to the app. I have tried with 1.12.3 app and more versions but it can't to connect. Wifi seems work fine...
  9. L

    Original G1W Pulsatig/Vibrating Problem

    Hey all, I have an original G1W (file extensions are .mov, have HDMI port, and checked the bitrate to confirm it is genuine), and am getting some really, really bad deep pulsating/vibrating sounds from the microphone, along with this intermittent high-pitched interference/electronic kind of...
  10. L

    [Ask] Xiaomi Yi Power Problem

    I have problem with xiaoyi camera, the condition : • Camera A + Battery = would not start (no beep, no led on) • Camera B + Battery (same baterry with camera A) = normal start • Camera A + Direct to charger = normal start Anyone have some problem? or help me to solve this matter... thx