1. S

    Dead mini 0801 - no lights/screen/startup tone/recording, even with battery removed

    I bought a mini 0801 from Aliexpress Givoe in Feb 2014. It worked well until Jul 2015 - one day I noticed it wasn't recording anything. There was no red/blue light, no startup tone, no screen on and nothing happening. That was when plugged into the GPS mount in the car. I took it inside and...
  2. marcowme

    F50 hardwiring issue

    I've had my mechanic hardwire a Thinkware F50 to my 2014 VW Polo with the Thinkware hardwiring kit. He din't use fuse taps but hardwired the cables "to the back of the fuses". The dashcam turns on and off with the car and records regularly but doesn't go into parking mode. The parking mode...
  3. Florida Dashcam

    Can't Select Segments of Clips on G1WH During Import. In Desparate Need of a Solution.

    Hey guys! New member here, just have a question. This is a problem I've been having, and it's driving me up a wall because NOBODY can seem to help me understand why this is happening. So I am hoping this amazing forum of all these knowledgeable people may be able to point me in the right...
  4. basior

    1.3.4 firmware loop recording problem

    Bought my yi 4k from gearbest, with the latest firmware and looks like there's bug in loop recording. Decided to use it today as dashcam, 5 min vides, loop recording, driving both ways ~30 mins. Don't know how but camera not only splitted files in 1-minute vids but also kept only 5 of them each...
  5. S

    A lot of reflections at night

    Hi, you can see it on this movie Do you have the same issue?
  6. B

    Prestigio RoadRunner 133

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, so if this topic is in the wrong place - apologies! I was given a Prestigio Roadrunner 133 for Christmas. I bought a Sandisk 32gb MicroSD card, but the cam won't recognise it. It keeps saying 'Please insert SD card'. I've had a quick look around...
  7. D

    Blackview failure. red LED is on, not booting (model DT01 a12 chipset)

    hello everyone. used over a year now, good video now stopped all together. its got constant red led on (till built in battery lasts). if connected power supply then blue led comes on but no booting. if pressed reset button, red led goes off. but if pressed ON button comes on again. removed...
  8. Y

    Pulsating exposure in video lapse mode

    Hi, cam: sj5000x elite videolapse firmware v1.4.5s , the lighting is flat but the video lapse comes out with pulsating exposure in video lapse mode, exposure in normal video mode is smooth. wdr on gyro off 1s between frames what could be causing the issue?
  9. F

    New Opia2 recording problems

    Newbie owner of Opia2, but veteran owner of many dashcams. I recently received an Opia2, updated the firmware to version 2.5, formatted the sd card in the camera and put all settings to default. I've tried two different SD cards, one is a generic card sent with the camera (teamgroup? Class 10...
  10. S

    F770 Android app with MX player issues

    Hi, my first post here. I have the F770 front and rear in my Tesla and installed the Dash Cam Mobile Viewer app version 2.1.1 on my Android phone version 6.0.1. When connected to the F770 wifi I wanted to see the movie clips and had to install the MX player for it. That gave quite some issues...
  11. rrrake

    Format Card Prompt

    I have recently hardwired an A119 into a Subaru Legacy for a friend and it all went smoothly, or so I thought. Randomly the screen will turn on (sometimes right away, sometimes after driving for 10 mins+) and the Format Card Prompt will come up waiting for you to hit a button to cancel or...
  12. thancam

    I Need help - VLC problem.

    when i use vlc - on my lap elitebook 8460p win 7 64bit - to play video, this is what it display. what I have to do now to fix this problem ? can anyone may help me ?
  13. K

    Xiaomi yi video problem

    The camera shoots videos in small files 40-50 MB. No matter what format shooting, 2К, 1080p, 960p....record 1-2 minutes and stopped :( Mobile application shows "low capacity" then stops recording and afther 10 seconds start again. I use a 16GB SanDisk Ultra class10. Does all this mean that the...
  14. T

    Yi Action Camera had bad audio during video playback (not bluetooth issue)

    Hi Everybody, This is my first time posting as I recently purchased a Yi Action Camera. My issue is that during video playback, my audio has this horrible noise in the background (it sounds worse with the waterproof casing). Here's how it sounds: (I have some...
  15. aprilia

    A118C "NoGPS" Problem...

    -------------------------------- EDIT: The problem solved with new firmware: 20160130 or 20160316 -------------------------------- I have a problem with gps or cam; or both of them. I purchased them from different sellers on ebay. I had a trouble with cam about high-piched noise early. My gps...
  16. danmag

    sj5000 plus problem

    Hey to all, I have a sj5000 plus and a problem after the newest update, it's not possible to switch the camera on. I already tried it without battery, without sd card, connected to the charger and so on. The only thing is that the red charging lamp is on when the cam is connected to the charger...
  17. 3

    Pictures working, but no video :\

    Hey all, So I've been having this problem for a while, but I figured why not make a post about it now. My mobius has been working, i.e turning on, leds work, taking pictures, writing to the sd card, but when I try to record video, the blue and/or yellow lights just turn off, but the camera...
  18. H

    F750 Dash cam speed visibility issue , need help.

    I have recently bought 3 thinkware F750 DASHCAM's , but I'm having an issue with it , when I watch a recording ,the speed does not show , only the time and the date . How do I let the speed show up on the recordings ?? For example if I ever got into an accident and I wanted to prove that I...
  19. F

    Xiaomi Yi Z22L not responding to all scripts

    Hello, I have a Z22L xiaomi yi updated to the 1.2.13 firmware version and using the lastest version of the IOS Yi Action app. The issue I am having is that most of the scripts used in autoexec.ash files have no influence on the final video. To be clear some do work!! Such as turning the...
  20. Wita Aldian

    Is here any solution to reset an Xiaomi Yi firmware with directusb? EraseNAND doesn't work

    hi guys i'm sorry if i post this think here, its okay if u guys will delete this thread, cause i really getting frustration. i have problem with my yi camera, the problem is make my camera like have a Bootlooping. Here is the video : here is my thread that i posted before, here u can check...