viofo a119

  1. traficam cape town

    Viofo A119 not switching on, completely dead?

    I own a Viofo 119 and it stopped working without warning and is completely non-functional after two years of operation. The firmware was up to date, on my pc it shows device "NT96660 Unknown device The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)". Good device I am disappointed that it...
  2. M

    A119/A119 Pro hardwire kits.

    Hello, i'm new to this forums. I am trying to hardwire my a119 (front)/ a119 pro (rear) using blackvue power magic pro but i want to use just 1 Cigarette Adapter Power Cable provided by viofo to power both dashcam via usb cable. Is it safe to do that? Please help! Thank you.
  3. Mr CKJ

    Viofo A119 Vs. DDPai Mini 2

    Another set of battle for 2K Ultra HD Dashcam!!! Coming to debut would be Mr CKJ’s all time favourite Viofo A119 and as well as the newly reviewed DDPai Mini 2. My review link : Viofo : Viofo A119 DDPai : DDPai Mini2 Product Page : Viofo : Viofo A119 DDPai : DDPai Mini2 The Rivals ...
  4. Hermes14

    Mobius or Viofo A119

    The more I search the more I seem to come back to these two. The three requirements I am looking for in a dashcam is stealth, definition, super capacitor, It must be able to handle the heat over here I South Africa & I would like it to be hard wired into my car. A screen & WDR isn't important...
  5. Agie

    Mega Dash Cam Comparison (Viofo vs. Xiaomi vs. Chupad vs. SJCAM vs. ThiEYE vs. Vasens vs. Mini)

    Thought I'd do something a little different tonight, and create a mega comparison between eight models of dash cameras, as a guide for potential buyers out there. Do bear in mind that these are my opinions only, and check out the full reviews of these dash cameras for even more information...
  6. S

    Where and how did you mount rear camera?

    I now recognize how critical a camera for the back of the car is–but it's proving quite a challenge. I have a 2009 Camry whose rear window is completely wired for defrosting with no room for a stick-on camera mount. As well, behind the rear seat there is a heating duct and the brake light which...
  7. K

    viofo a119

    I have just bought new viofo A119. Seems to be great but after journey wchih has recorded 51 3min. Files. I could only play (windows media player) only arround 10 or 15 files. Recorded at the beginning. "Later" files came up with the message "windows cannot play current file". After clean up the...
  8. The AGENT

    A119. GPS does not work in modes 2560p 30fps and 1080p 60fps

    Hi all! Recently purchased this recorder and was immediately faced with a problem. GPS does not work in modes 2560p 30fps and 1080p 60fps. In other modes there is no problem. Tried to flash the firmware version 2.0 and to reset - did not help. Technical support Viofo did not advise, in addition...
  9. Andrei Vladimirovich

    Review: Viofo A119

    Full view review for russian spoken Original review Good looking and well made dashcam with hidden mountings: Overall day performance meets expectations. It is just good thanking to 1440p sensor. Day: Dynamic...
  10. Andrei Vladimirovich

    Side by Side: Viofo A119, Transcend DP220, Panorama2

    (Full review for russian spoken: Review:
  11. Chris Hunt

    A119 Menu functions

    A look through the menu of the VIOFO A119.
  12. A

    RESOLVED Issue with DashCam Viewer GPS

    RESOLVED I went to a Clicked on the " Support Tab " 1. Clicked on the "Download" link for the latest firmware ( A119.20160829.V1.1 ) from August 28, 2016. 2. Unzip the file using available unzip programs, e.g. WinZip or 7-Zip 3...
  13. R

    A119 please help

    I recently bought a Viofo A119 from FoxOffer, well my issue is that I was just trying to watch my footage and it seems as when the video is playing that someone is pausing and playing the video constantly, is the best way to describe it. Or when its playing it seems laggy? What can be the...
  14. P

    Viofo A119s changes

    A question to Viofo or users who may be more in the loop with respect to the upcoming release of the A119s: 1. Any news on the expected release date of the A119s? 2. Will the grey adhesive pad be replaced by a black pad? 3. Are there plans to include the "wire hider" as was used in the A118c or...
  15. J

    New A119 problem

    I follow the forum here and finally decided to get A119 rather Opia2, out of box the unit looks solid. Before I connect with cg charger, I powered up with 5v powerbank. It's the old default firmware, I found Rec button wouldn't stop recording. I expect the firmware update would fix the issue...
  16. 6

    Viofo A119 Pre-production test samples

    Late to the party due to shipment issues, but still want to make my contribution to the beta cycle of Viofo's A119 development. Thanks to @viofo for supplying this pre-production unit. Product link: Viofo has been very quick and...
  17. dash riposki

    Viofo pre-production A119 Video samples (truck)

    I'll park some video samples and screen shots in this thread. At some point this weekend I may have bandwidth and time to upload raw video to a site other than youtube, but this will have to do for now. :) I came across this Honda Element yesterday on I-24. The driver was 15 mph under the...
  18. Mtz

    Viofo A119 Car DVR factory sample tests

    I have a pre-production beta-sample with an beta-firmware installed. Viofo A119 specifications: Chipset: NT96660 CMOS: OV4689 Lens: 160 degrees, all glass elements GPS: yes, included in the mount LCD: 2” good quality First video recorded with A119: Please consider that videos recorded on...
  19. Chris Hunt

    Dashcamscentral DOD and VIOFO Specialists

    Hi Members and Guests, We are an Australian Premium Dash Camera Business. We don't claim to be the biggest and we are happy to let customer feedback decide if we are the best. Dashcamcentral will only sell, supply and support premium worry free dash cameras...