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Jun 10, 2016
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DDPai mini, BlackVue DR650S-2CH
BlackVue, DDPai Dash Cams with AAC and Parking Mode Installation Now Simplified with New Snap N Go OBD II Connector

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Summary: Snap N Go OBD II Connector for BlackVue Dash Cams with AAC and Parking Mode. This product allows vehicle owners to wire their dash cam within just two minutes.

7DayCam, a leading dash camera store in California is pleased to announce they have launched a new product that will help automobile owners solve the complicated writing issues when purchasing BlackVue, Dash Cams with AAC and Parking Mode. BlackVue customers and potential customers have become concerned at how complicated it is to wire the product to their vehicle and being able to hide the wires, so they are not on show. The Snap N Go OBD II Connector solves these problems.

Dash Cams have become an important accessory for vehicle owners. They film an accident and provide evidence when needed if the other driver denies responsibility. Now, some Dash Cams have gone further and have become an important security accessory by providing a parking mode feature. The parking mode feature provides the owner with peace of mind for when they are away from the vehicle. However, although Dash Cams are a great idea, the manufacture of BlackVue, DDPai Dash Cams has not thought about how complicated it is for customers to wire the product to their vehicle. That is where 7DayCam has come in.

7DayCam (, which provides quality automobile products has launched the Snap N Go OBD II Connector for BlackVue, Dash Cams with AAC and Parking Mode, which allows vehicle owners to install the Dash Cam within ten minutes. This means, no more expensive installation services, and no more struggling to install the Dash Cam.

A spokesman for 7DayCam said: “The Snap N Go OBD II Connector solves the problems that vehicle owners have when purchasing the BlackVue, DR650S 1CH 2CH DR430 DR450 DR470 Dash Cams with AAC and Parking Mode. NO BRAIN installation. No experience is required, and there is no need to pay for expert help. Our new product makes it so simple to connect the Dash Cam to the car and hide the wires, and we even have a video to show how easy it is.”

The Snap N Go Connector, which has gained huge exposure is compact and fits any vehicle. The connector has a feature to avoid draining the car battery. If the battery falls below 12v then it will automatically switch off. This important feature prevents the owner of the vehicle being stranded due to a dead battery.

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