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  1. D

    "Chinese" ActionCams, Can you Suggest me One of the selected?

    Hi! I want to purchase an Action Camera so that I can record some of my motorbike trails. I'm not really sure what to buy considering I'm no Pro in tech gadgets. All I want is a Camera that is super resistant so, it needs to be water and shock resistant. I'm also looking for a camera which...
  2. sachin390

    What are the dimensions of ThiEye T5e action cam battery?

    I want to know the exact dimensions of ThiEye T5e battery, that is the length , breadth and height in mm. Anyone with a T5/T5e can help me. Based on this I can get some other battery that fits in my T5e. I am not able to source stock batteries.
  3. Blink Blink

    SJcam S7 Star With External Microphone

    Purchased a SJCcam S7 star with an external microphone a while ago. To be honest, it has performed way beyond my expectations (video clarity and voice quality). My only headache is the wind noise it picks in my helmet (when the helmet is open slightly or I am riding on the motorway).
  4. C

    First action camera with built-in 3-Axis Gimbal

    Introducing the first action camera with built-in 3-Axis Gimbal and Image Stabilization Software that delivers stunning results. Here are some outstanding features you...
  5. K

    SJ6 Dynamic Range

    1080p 60fps Slowed and Colour Graded in post. P.s. I think SJCam should sponcer my videos. :)
  6. salesberg

    HawKeye Firefly 8s 4K action cam review.

    Hello everyone. Just completed the review of the HawKeye Firefly 8s. Turned out to be much different than what I had anticipated. Enjoy :-)
  7. K3nshiro

    Greetings from sunny Spain

    Hi all, Just signed up on this forum. Recently I purchased a Git2P mainly to film my kids underwater and let them shoot their own vids this summer. I'll go and check out later the Git forum :) All the best, love what you are doing here. Kind regards, Ken
  8. Songo4k

    Andoer Q3H 4K - Ultra-HD - My little Review

    Hello friends, I open this thread to talk a little about the last camera that has reached my hands. Andoer the Q3H version, an action camera that has an ultra-HD 2 "LCD screen (NOT TACTILE), and is able to give us some nice photos and video recording of up to 4K at 30fps! With a nice design...
  9. R

    Timed photo shooting with Git2?

    Hi! I'm looking for an action cam that can be set up to shoot photos every x seconds while mounted on my quadcopter. Unfortunately my EEcplorer Pro can not do this. I know some quadcopter users use the Git2... (Would be nice if Elephone could fix it in firmware, but I cant access the forum ...
  10. Dashmellow

    Nikon announces a line of ruggedized action cameras

    It is interesting to see Nikon enter the action cam market. It will be even more interesting to see what a camera maker of this caliber with their skill-sets in lenses, sensors, exposure metering, design and battery experience can do in this category...
  11. Bubbah

    AMKOV AMK7000S Action Camera Review

    The Amköv AMK7000S is a "4K capable" Action Camera with Wi-Fi connectivity adopting the GoPro Hero 4 form factor with a front LCD and back color screen. Dimensions (59x41x21mm) are slightly different from a GoPro Hero (60x42x30mm), so it's only once inside its waterproof Tupperware box that it...
  12. thegamut

    Hacking Q3H (allwinner v3 - Camdroid)

    So I've made inroads into allwinner v3 chipsets. There is 0 documentation on the allwinner and people speculate it can't do over 1080P, etc, etc Yet many people are ending up with fake 4k cameras that are more software crippled than anything. This was done on Q3H (allwinner + Sony IMX sensor...
  13. kaanklky

    Xiaomi Yi Record Spike(?)

    Hello everyone, I'm using yi while I'm cruising with my motorcycle as daily. I didn't understand why that happened (spike?) to my yi because I didn't change anything on it. Yi can't record video smoothly, I update the firmware from this post but it didn't change anything. I'm also posting media...
  14. pcexpertblog

    SJCAM M20: Reviews, video and photo samples, discussion

    Hello guys, I want to share with you my personal review of the SJCAM M20. I bought it on GearBest. We can keep this thread updated with a link to all international reviews. Night video test Photo test PRO price form factor cpu and image sensor Sony IMX206 (more oriented to photos) The...
  15. A


    Hello everyone, I am about to buy my first action camera. I have read many articles and finally I just have only two competitors. SOOCOO C30 - Novatek 96660 and SONY IMX078 ELE EXPLORER - Allwinner V3 and OmniVision 4689 I am not really familiar which sensor and chipset are better so I...
  16. thancam

    what point of mobius make you feel happy the most ?

    Compare to sjcam, goro hero, sony action cam and the others, what point of mobius make you feel happ the most ?
  17. Mtz

    GitUp Git1 image comparisons with 2016 dashcams

    I will upload here my videos but anybody which have a comparison with a 2016 camera can post here: Night: Day: The snapshots were taken from original videos without any reencode of any of them and the snapshots were saved in PNG format to preserve original quality...
  18. simba86

    Hello from ohio USA!

    hey everyone! I'm pretty new to the dashcam world and I installed one in my car because it always seems like I am always in a near miss with cars crossing center line on me and just crazy drivers in general. my current set up is a DBpower sj4000 action cam in a suction cup mount but I am...
  19. Wesley

    lens rectification

    Im a noob to coding firmware and still a novice with action cams. Brought the Xyaomi Yi and downloaded the app to my Iphone5 and there no lens aberration or len rectification option in the options menu. Is this common for the newer firmware because it was one of the reasons i brought this thing...
  20. Marcofan76

    Eken H9 review in Italian

    Hi people, this is my review in Italian language