memory card

  1. D

    New U1000 owner, couple questions

    Hi guys, I just bought a U1000, which is a major upgrade for me from my old Mobius action cam as a dash cam. I'm pretty excited, I hope I made the right decision. I was on the fence about a DR900-S, a A129 pro, and the U1000. In the end the U1000 got the nod. I have a couple questions for...
  2. G

    Distorted recorded footage

    Hi, I recently bought the Thinkware 2 cam U1000 incl. Radar unit. All works fine, however, using the original 64g memory card and most recent firmware, the recorded footage is distorted and mostly gray. Also using lifestream via wifi. I have not yet received a answer from Thinkware but is this a...
  3. ivantwilliams

    Memory card suggestions

    Some of you may have seen my other thread, about a memory card error. Thanks to all those that have responded. I've been led to believe that a 'high endurance' memory card is recommended. However, please post your specific recommendations below. Thanks in advance. I am looking for something...
  4. ivantwilliams

    Memory card error

    Over the past week or so, I would randomly see a memory card error, "Memory card error, card cannot be read", or something like that. Rather odd, I have had the camera installed for less than a year (bought it brand new). Thus, miffed why the memory card error. Any ideas or suggestions? Also...
  5. naturelover

    Best micro SD for Git2P

    I am currently using Samsung Evo Select with 128 GB but I would like an alternative. Any tips or recommendations?
  6. K


    Hi, I bought a DOD RC500S (2CH) a little while ago online. I am having quite a few issues with it. This is the first dash cam I've ever bought. -CAMERAS WIFI. There is a button to turn the WIFI on, on the Camera. When you press the button, it goes 'beep' but nothing happens....I know it's weird...
  7. J

    Unable To Access All Movie Files

    Hi All, My wife got back in from a brief journey and promptly asked me to watch the dashcam footage of a BMW X5 nearly T-boning her. I thought, quick 5 minute job, remove the memory card, insert into card reader, copy/view the files I wish to watch, simples. 2 hours later, having (I believe...
  8. S

    Camera suggestion for a long trip... low resolution and low fps ok

    First question: I need a not sophisticated camera to record 10 hours of driving in about 10 GB memory. I don't mind if the resolution is low (e.g. 640x480) and low fps (1 fps is very fine too, actually ideal as the resulting movie would be only 20 minutes long if viewed at 30 fps). What are the...
  9. PFWiz

    MY Goluk T3 Seems to Stutter

    We have permanently installed T3 in our SS. Last week I got hit by a shower of rocks flying off the empty bed of a flatbed semi. Because there was no G force related to this it did not "lock the video". I found the video of me coming up behind the truck in the loop section of the videos, but...
  10. B

    Issues with 64 GB card memory above 32 GB, new firmware required?

    Hi, I own a Panorama IIS since 2014 and have always been using 32 GB cards without problem. Recently I bought a 64 GB card (SanDisk Ultra XC I 10) which initially seemed to work ok but is now having a lot of problems with properly recording the video (only a few frames per minute). A reset...
  11. C

    Memory Card Shortage?

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone else is noticing a shortage of memory cards. I've been looking recently to acquire a new card in Micro SDXC 64Gb or 128GB, but I'm finding practically every product out of stock at every store. I know there was a reported NAND shortage at the end of last year...
  12. S

    Video File Currupt

    It seems like whenever I view my footage on my laptop, the most recent video file won't play at all. Am I not ejecting the SD card correctly? Do I need to stop recording, THEN pull out the SD card? or something else. All other videos will load as expected, just the most recent will be corrupt...
  13. P

    Git2 Memory error

    Hi gyus, I am new with git2, i am so satisfied with, its great cam, but i have one problem with memory card.. Now it happens more often. If I do 3-5 photos or after a few sec of recording, the cam show an message, memory error. I can even look on recorded vids or pics... Now it wont help...
  14. TheRadziu

    What memory card should I get? [stable 40Mbps+]

    Hello, Right now I'm looking for good micro sd card for my Xiaomi yi and I am in kind of rush since I'm going on a trip in 2 weeks. I need a card that can guarantee me stable 40Mbps (or higher) bitrate recording without cutting files and lowered the bitrate to about 20Mbps. Previously I got...
  15. RudeMcNasty

    I definitely could use some help.

    I purchased LK-7900g Ara + 128SDXC memory card when I went to their website looking for Lucas view for Mac (El Capitan) it shows two different versions "Type" B and D which is the correct version for me? Same problem for software updates for the DVR. That problem is minor compared to the memory...