1. T

    Abu Dhabi

    Hello I want to install dashcam in my bmw 2020. I am looking for an expert installer who can do the hardwiring in a professional and neat way, doing all necessary programming etc.... Any recommendations in Abu Dhabi ( other than the dealer )?
  2. G

    Blackvue / Thinkware Installers In Scotland

    Hi, I'm changing my vehicle at the beginning of March and I'm looking at a new install to replace my Blackvue DR 750 2CH. I completed a 'DIY' install with the Blackvue (it's not hardwired, other than to a battery pack) but I would like the next install to be hard wired as it will be a new...
  3. Y

    Question on how to wire a camera

    Hello, brand new to this and I’m a little confused on hardwiring a cam. Looking at the BlackVue DR900 and I’d like to wire the camera up to run when the vehicle is on. Can I just purchase the fuse tap and that’s it or do I need to purchase something like the Power Magic Pro? Apologies if this...
  4. T

    Frequently changes cars / easy installation

    Hi! I don't own a car but frequently rent them and use car sharing services. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an easy solution that has minimal installation.
  5. Extrader

    Thinkware Dashcam sale/installation in Toronto

    Hi, I am Jason from Extrader. We are a local business located in Toronto, Ontario, and offers sales and installation of Thinkware Dashcams. We have -F800 Pro D -$499+tax (includes installation with hardwire kit) -F800D -$399+tax (includes installation with hardwire kit) -F200DG...
  6. R

    Can I install sticker mount to the rain sensor area?

    Hi guys, I want to install A118c dash cam with the sticker mount, and it looks the best right under the rain sensor area. However, i am not sure if the sticker mount wouldnt harm the area, when uninstalled. I already know, that it is fine to install it on dotted area, but this is a bit different...
  7. V

    Parking Guard Questions from a first timer

    Let me begin by stating I know close to nothing about wiring or installation. The Mini 0906 is my first dashcam and exited about using it. I bought the mini 0906 and Veckle Parking Guard hardwire kit Parking mode for my 2013 Toyota 4runner. I want to use the parking...
  8. D

    Blackvue 2CH - Rear Camera Cable - Airbag concerns

    My vehicle is a 2015 Mazda Cx5. I currently have two A119 cameras (front and rear), powered by 12V adapters. I want to upgrade to a Blackvue 2Ch system, but I have concerns about the install for the rear camera. The way I see it, I’d have to route the rear camera cable along the roof line trim...
  9. BRex

    Some pictures about the installation

    The cable holder clips have very bad stickers, so I have changed them for the much stronger ones
  10. Chris Hunt

    How to install a 2 channel dash cam....I think?

    Had to watch this twice as i missed most of the detail the first time around... i was a bit distracted for some reason
  11. clooner

    Dashcam is power cycling after install in new car

    Recently I bought a new car and decided to move the 12v to 3a 2x usb power and my dashcam an a118c to the new car. With the old car, I simply took the power from the mirror. With the new one, I tried to do exactly the same thing. That said, after hooking everything up it seems that in the new...
  12. J

    Hardwiring a Cigarette adapter & timed shutoff

    Hello forum members! I just bought two dashcams for my car and the wife's. The cameras come with a cigarette lighter adapter for power but we'd definitely like to hardwire it into the car's electrical system instead. So I was wondering if I cut the cig adapter off and strip the wire, will...
  13. TechnoBuff

    Is it safe to route dash cam wires around side air bags?

    I was looking into possibly helping a friend install a dash cam in their vehicle that also has a rear camera. The vehicle is a 12' Honda CRV that has side airbags across the A,B and C pillar. I was wondering if it was safe routing the cable through the roof liner on the driver side towards the...
  14. I

    2014 ML350 pre-installation questions

    Aloha everyone, I just placed an order for a DR650GW-1CH and a Power Magic Pro. When I looked at the wiring diagram for my vehicle, I was a bit dismayed to find that I won't be able to use the fuse box on the passenger end of the front console. I, instead, have to use the fuse box located...
  15. sgtjayp

    Hardwire Hardware

    I've been searching for a while and settled for the A118. Seems to get decent reviews and I like the discreteness. Question: I don't want to tie up the cigarette lighter nor have visible cords to a USB adapter. I have minimal electrical skills, but I think I can manage hard-wiring to a current...
  16. CountryBumkin

    Installation question. Direct wire to "rear view mirror power"?

    I have an Infiniti M37. I was reading on the Infiniti car forum about someone that wired their radar detector directly to the rear view mirror power. Under the mirror cover there is a 12V (always hot), a 12V (hot with Key On) and a Ground wire. If I can wire the Dash cam the same way, this...
  17. M

    Dash Cam Installation

    I recently purchased a dual-channel dash cam for my car. This is a picture of the rear dashcam, with accompanying cables. The black cable to the left plugs into the front camera, and is of sufficient length to reach the back of the car. However the red/black cable is only about 2 feet long and...
  18. ftpGuy

    SG9665GC Install - 2014 Honda Ridgeline

    Finally got around to doing a hard wired install of my Street Guardian SG9665GC into a 2014 Honda Ridgeline. Easy install. I won't go into a step by step install as most members know the basics but will share a few photos along with some basic info pertaining to this particular install. Initial...
  19. SoCalDude

    Can I use this fuse?

    I've had a G1W-B for a while and it was never hard-wired. I am going to hardwire it. I have two choices (and I already have parts to do either): 1) Connect a cigarette female adapter to an Add-a-Circuit and plug the cam into the adapter using the cam's male cigarette adapter (which contains a 2...