1. P

    Doesn't record and SD Card problem

    Hi, I bought 322GW few days ago, was working fine for 3 days, after firmware update through my android smartphone the problems started. After it restarted after firmware update It said that I need to format my SD card (why?) so I took out my SD card from Dash cam and moved few video files to my...
  2. V

    Dashcam HELP! Wires not fitting in car

    Hi all, I own a Volkswagen Up and I recently bought a Nextbase Dashcam. I attempted to follow the brand's video here But the wires WILL NOT slot into the weather seal, they just fall out as there's not enough material to grip it. I've tried both the passenger and drivers side and have the...
  3. F

    Nextbase 522gw keeps freezing

    Hello, I've been having issues with my 522gw and its really starting to test my patience... I'm on my third unit now and ive had 4 sd memory cards, 3 of which were nextbase 128g memory cards. The camera freezes daily (nearly evertime on 12 seconds) so i have to reset the camera and sometimes it...
  4. A

    Looking to buy my first dash cam. Any recommendations please?

    I'm looking to buy my first ever dash cam just as a precaution. However, I am unfamiliar with what is worth the money and what is not and what brands to look for and what to avoid :( I'm looking to spend around £100-£150 for a dash cam, £150 if it is of a very good quality. Ideally I just want...
  5. M

    SD card and camera problems

    Hi All, I wonder if anyone can help me? I have a recent hardwired camera front and back bought in a Nextbase 322GW bundle which also included the nextbase sd card. The camera has been replaced 3 x by Halfords - twice on the same day as the fitter noticed it was so hot it almost burnt his hand...
  6. S

    The 522GW really is awful

    I’ve read umpteen reviews now telling me how great this dash cam is. Best on the market apparently. I’ve had 3 dash cams over the past few years and this was by far the most expensive and yet in the few days that I have had it , it has been the most useless piece of kit I’ve ever bought for my...
  7. M

    Nextbase 422GW Sample Footage

    I have this up and running now so thought some of you might want a look at the output. The output from the 522GW should be the same as it's the same unit but with a bigger touchscreen. As usual, YouTube messes about with the compression but there is a link in the YouTube description for the...
  8. L

    Nextbase 112 draining car battery

    Hi, I wonder if any one can help.... I’ve got a nextbase 112 fitted to my Ford Fiesta. On 3 separate occasions I’ve had a flat car battery, the person that came to restart my car checked the battery and suggested it could be the dashcam draining the car battery. When my car was jump started...
  9. R

    GPS causing camera to record when parked.

    I’ve noticed that my camera is recording as though vehicle is moving even though it’s parked up outside my house because the gps signal is making out it’s moving at 1-3mph every so often. Is there a fix for this or anyway to improve gps reception, even though I’m using the gps powered windshield...
  10. R

    Inconsistent Number Plate, Speed and GPS output

    Ok, so I have the Nextbase 321GW. Not used it for six months since taking it out of my mobile home but just started to use it in my regular car. I've selected number plate, speed and GPS location to be present on-screen in the menu system. Today I went on a journey of approx twenty miles and...
  11. T

    Dead battery on NextBase 202 Lite

    Hi all. I have acquired an unused NextBase 202 Lite (genuine reason), but it's battery appears to be dead. I have been searching the forums and reading through the appropriate threads, and it appears to be a common trait. So my questions are: is a replacement battery still available, and is...
  12. I

    Looking to replace my Vico Marcus 3 - Nextbase cameras any good? Front/Rear

    Hi, Currently got a Vico Marcus 3, but that is getting a bit long in the tooth. Considering the nextbase 512gw with a rear view camera and getting that connected properly to my car. But I know little about Nextbase! And there seems to be no reviews here. Is there a reason for that. If not...
  13. S

    Nextbase 412GW MOV files not MP4 WHY? any solution?

    I've just purchased the Nextbase 412GW and I have a problem its not the card its not the PC its the dam files! They are MOV (quick time) so they wont share on whatsapp or messenger and need that player installing on your PC or use VLC. ive used a samsung S6 and a S9 Plus and still the same!! Ive...
  14. A

    Parking Mode General + Permanent Live vs. Switched

    Hi all, been lurking around this forum for the last week or so since receiving a 512GW as a gift. I've been having a play with the device to figure out what the different settings do, test-fitted the front camera in a few different places, picked up a 512GWRC to go with it and am now eagerly...
  15. G

    Blurry Video from Nextbase 412GW

    Hi all, I've had my 412GW since November, but I rarely ever view footage on the PC. Today I did, and was disappointed. See the video at the following link: (hope uploading to YouTube doesn't make it even worse!), and see some footage from the same road from my other dashcam, a SpyTec G1W...
  16. twin-k84

    312GW wifi problems

    Hi all, I have just got my new dash cam and I have to admit I'm quite disappointed! I'm unable to preview/download the videos from the Nextbase 312GW to my mobile. When I activate the WiFi mode, phone connects OK, then I load the Cam Viewer, it displays the live cam preview but when going to...
  17. A

    Low battery on Nextbase 312GW

    My Nextbase 312GW has started displaying "low battery" whenever it comes on in parking mode (i.e. unplugged). I would think it's getting recharged enough, because I always have it plugged in when driving, and often I forget and leave it plugged in overnight. (In fact when I left it plugged in...
  18. Paul Iddon

    Nextbase 612GW Elite Dashcam review

    Nextbase 612GW Elite Dashcam. I now own the latest Nextbase dashcam – the 612GW and here is my review. This is a step up from my previous model (412GW) and an improvement over the 512GW – both of which offer 1440p recording (2K resolution). The 612GW is the first model from Nextbase which...
  19. P

    Nextbase 412gw - 128GB Micro SDXC cards?

    Hi there, My brother has bought one of these and he has (I think) a 16GB micro SD card in it, or something like that. I would like to buy him a far larger micro SDXC card to fit in it. Will the card accept cards above 32GB? Many thanks in advance. Paul
  20. NextBase Support

    Your questions answered.

    Hello, I would like to start a thread for any questions that some of you may have that haven't been answered in previous posts or even just for clarification. Fire away :D