1. iLLNESS

    Connecting through home WiFi

    So I setup the U1000 to connect to my home WiFi which seems to work fine (appears in my routers DHCP list) but when I try to connect to the dashcam from my iPhone while on the same network it says it cannot connect. The only way I'm able to connect is through my iPhones hotspot or the Thinkware...
  2. ENK2302

    Maybe I am just stupid.

    But I can connect to the dashcam using my android phone, I can manage this with the thinkware9f direct wifi connection. Can connect to the cam using the hotspot option on my phone. My stupidity comes from my absolute inability to connect to the cam when it is connected to a Huawei portable wifi...
  3. K

    Hot to use Remote Live View? Cannot set the U1000 to connect to internet

    Hi All I managed to connect the U1000's wifi using my Android app. I wish to know how to let the U1000 to connect search available wifi and connect to the one provided by carpark (no password needed), so that I could view the recorded footage, receive impact notifications, live view etc, from...
  4. David Markham

    I finally lost patience with my U1000

    Good evening / morning folks - wherever you are. Now those of you who have been following my more recent posts will, no doubt, be well aware of my ongoing frustration with the U1000 and the extreme sensitivity of its accelerometer, but events this most recent Friday surrounding its ongoing...
  5. D

    Looking for dashcam with the these features

    Imprinted GPS coordinate on the video. WiFi WiFi with Apps so I can instantly share on social media. Printed GPS so I know where the clip was taken without Apps. If there isn't, is there an Apps that will accomplish the same ?. I have old iPhone 4 & 6 and an Asus Android. Thanks
  6. G

    Dashcam to connect to a WIFI network

    Hi, I'm looking for a camera that can connect to a WIFI network and is waterproof. From there I want to be able to access the camera like you would for an IP camera. I saw that it is common for the dashcams to act as a WiFi access point rather than connect directly to a network. Thanks!
  7. Eloylb

    CAN New in a sealed box TOGUARD 4K CE52 Pro

    I am selling a new TOGUARD 4K CE52 Pro Dash Cam Ultra HD with WIFI, GPS, night vision 170° that is never used in a sealed box. I am in Montreal Price $60 CAD
  8. eresonance

    Automatic download of videos over wifi

    Hi everyone, I bought a thinkware Q800PRO camera that has wifi on it, I was thinking it would be cool to auto-download videos from the camera when I parked my car at home. After the download is finished the files are removed from the SD card so they don't take up room. The tricky part is...
  9. K


    Hi, I bought a DOD RC500S (2CH) a little while ago online. I am having quite a few issues with it. This is the first dash cam I've ever bought. -CAMERAS WIFI. There is a button to turn the WIFI on, on the Camera. When you press the button, it goes 'beep' but nothing happens....I know it's weird...
  10. Ackis

    A129 WiFi not working with Google Pixel 2

    Hey everyone - I've been having trouble with the WiFi on my A129 since I hooked it up. Every time I connect to it with my Pixel 2 (or my wife's, or even using my older Nexus) it stays connected for about 2-3 seconds and then disconnects. And then retries. This only happens when the WiFi is...
  11. Michael_K

    connecting to a smartphone

    So, I'd like to get a car camera that can connect to my smartphone (using WIFI). This would be my first experience with using wifi like this, and I'd like to know the details. First: do carcams have their own app, or do I use a browser, or ? Second: I read that BlackVue is different from most...
  12. M

    Dash cam for parking mode with a IOS app for viewing feed

    Hey guys, I'm looking into the 2 channel dash cam where I will be able to connect to dash cam WiFi and check the recorded content remotely on my iPhone so I would not have to disturb the current recording. I'm parking my car supper close to my apartment so the car would be within the range of...
  13. D

    Please recommed a Dash Cam with Parking mode

    I'm looking for a dash cam that has the following features. 1) Parking mode with Collision detection. 2) Parking mode with Time Lapse. This is compulsary. 3) Wifi so, I can access the recording from my phone. This is also compulsary. 4) Preferably have the ability to rotate camera. For police...
  14. T

    WiFi issues

    I'm planning to buy 2 sets of BV DR750S 2CH for mounting a 360º system. they will be powered when in parking mode by a portable jump starter. when driving they will be using a 12v socket with a splitter on the car. connection to cloud will be made by a 4G WiFi router with a data plan that...
  15. R

    F800 Pro Connected with Wifi, can't see Live View

    I've got the F800 Pro, and have updated to the latest firmware. I'm using the Thinkware Cloud app on my Nexus 6. After I successfully connect with WiFi, I can see the File List, Dash Cam Settings, Dash Cam Info, and Connection Settings menu options. When I click on Live View, all I get is a...
  16. P

    Yi 4k (Z16VxxL) custom firmware and more (UPDATE : 18/11/07 - Launch scripts at boot)

    TESTED ONLY ON Yi 4k i.e. Z16V13/14L**, should work on all Z16V12L to Z16V18L. To control my cam, I prefer to use the station mode of Wi-Fi cause I do not want to switch between wifi tethering and wifi station on my phone everytime I want to use my cam. I needed a way to unpack and repack my...
  17. twin-k84

    312GW wifi problems

    Hi all, I have just got my new dash cam and I have to admit I'm quite disappointed! I'm unable to preview/download the videos from the Nextbase 312GW to my mobile. When I activate the WiFi mode, phone connects OK, then I load the Cam Viewer, it displays the live cam preview but when going to...
  18. A

    Good Looking Dash Cam but no reviews!!!

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting on here. I have the A118-C currently in my car which has served me well. My wife doesn't have a dash cam so I am going to give her mine and get myself a new one as i do a lot more driving then she does so i would like one with a rear view camera, wifi...
  19. B

    Auto-Vox D6 Manual?

    Hi, Does anyone have a PDF copy of the Auto-Vox D6 (Updated) manual? I stupidly lost mine and now cannot find out the default Wifi Password. If you know that, I guess I can do without the manual! Any help appreciated... James
  20. U

    F800 Pro: I can't turn off wifi.

    I can't turn off the WIFI and it was automatic turn on always. Did you found the problem?