1. P

    Yi 4k (Z16VxxL) custom firmware and more (UPDATE : 18/11/07 - Launch scripts at boot)

    TESTED ONLY ON Yi 4k i.e. Z16V13/14L**, should work on all Z16V12L to Z16V18L. To control my cam, I prefer to use the station mode of Wi-Fi cause I do not want to switch between wifi tethering and wifi station on my phone everytime I want to use my cam. I needed a way to unpack and repack my...
  2. twin-k84

    312GW wifi problems

    Hi all, I have just got my new dash cam and I have to admit I'm quite disappointed! I'm unable to preview/download the videos from the Nextbase 312GW to my mobile. When I activate the WiFi mode, phone connects OK, then I load the Cam Viewer, it displays the live cam preview but when going to...
  3. A

    Good Looking Dash Cam but no reviews!!!

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting on here. I have the A118-C currently in my car which has served me well. My wife doesn't have a dash cam so I am going to give her mine and get myself a new one as i do a lot more driving then she does so i would like one with a rear view camera, wifi...
  4. B

    Auto-Vox D6 Manual?

    Hi, Does anyone have a PDF copy of the Auto-Vox D6 (Updated) manual? I stupidly lost mine and now cannot find out the default Wifi Password. If you know that, I guess I can do without the manual! Any help appreciated... James
  5. U

    F800 Pro: I can't turn off wifi.

    I can't turn off the WIFI and it was automatic turn on always. Did you found the problem?
  6. T

    AR790 Wi Fi Connectivity Issue

    Hi all, New to this dash cam malarky, I have purchased the AR790, and have had it installed, the device works in as much as it is recording, I can transfer and view the clips on my mac. however I cannot get the QVIA app to work properly, I have downloaded it and whenever I try to open it I get...
  7. C

    So, Which DashCam Solution for these GODLY FEATURES ...

    The site has done a good job in listing off dashcams but despite everything i'm still lost on what cam would best suit ALL my needs. I'm just hoping someone will consider all my parameters and point me in the right direction. If there is one complete solution, terrific, but if not i'm open to...
  8. T

    Newbie question on 750s features - Wifi & Cloud

    Hi. Sorry for this noob question but Im not sure where to post? I have the 490 and want to upgrade to the 750s 2 chan The main reason is I want to start viewing my video files without the need to remove the sd card every time. The way the cam is isntalled in my car and due to the lack of space...
  9. CrodPS

    Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Ultra HD 2160P NT96660 GPS+WiFi Proper Review

    In depth review of the Rove R2-4K dash camera with built in GPS and WiFi to control it from your phone Novatek NT96660 Chipset with OV4689 light sensor for great night video. Full review plus sample clips.
  10. 45RPM

    Connect my 512GW to PC via Wi-Fi, instead of USB.

    Hello DashCam users Can someone please tell me how to connect my 512GW to my PC via Wi-Fi. I managed to get the camera into Wi-Fi mode. Then I was OK on my PC detecting and connecting to the camera with the given password. I was then expecting to see the camera’s files on my PC in File...
  11. GRDIAN


    Hi everyone, Here to introduce the DEFENDR+ to the dashcamtalk community. The DEFENDR+ starts at $139.99. An optional GPS adapter is available for $24.99. Cheers! Download unedited raw videos for your viewing pleasure https://www.grdian.com/blog/download-unedited-raw-defendr-dash-cam-footage...
  12. Ferginator

    Change WiFi password

    I set up a new dashcam and I am trying to change the password on my WiFi DR650S-2CH IR and when I go to firmware settings, it just says "offline. Please check the network connection of the camera", but I have full bars on the camera and a good connection on my own WiFi as well so idk where else...
  13. N

    F800 installed

    Dear all, Just replaced F750 to F800. Found the app is very annoying in the hotspot connection (iOS 10.3.2). Anyone have similar issue? Regards, Nick from Hong Kong
  14. I

    [SOLVED] Vicovation WF1 Default WiFi Password

    Does anyone know what the default WF1 WiFi password is when you reset it back to default settings? Never mind, I found the password online: 87654321.
  15. Viking

    WR1 Android Screen layout

    Viofo has offer me this sample of WR1 for test / reviews. Thanks Viofo. I have a chance to play a little with wr1 after I got. My impression of the quality of the camera, its study and have a good feel when you hold in you hand. It looks nice and elegant. In the short time I have had it (24...
  16. Viking

    WR1 unboxing

    I just got a WR1, look very nice.
  17. S

    Need a budget WiFi + GPS dashcam

    Have a budget of around $100 for a WiFi+GPS 1080p dashcam. Just need good video quality day and night, decent firmware support and don't need a screen. Infact I would prefer one without a screen. Have been looking at this: I like it only because it looks good IMO, but I've been suggested on...
  18. Enoch Cheum

    Auto Vox WiFi Dash Cam With GPS 1080P FHD---A dash cam born to share

    New dash cam age! A dash cam born to share---Auto Vox D7 WiFi dash cam. WiFi Connection&Born To Share: Operating the Dash Cam at your Phone with WiFi connection. Easily sharing your driving pictures and videos to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter via phone APP. Equipped with six...
  19. fallen888

    Can't connect to camera wifi (error 6)

    I used to not have this issue, but all of a sudden for a couple of weeks now I haven't been able to connect to the camera wifi. I hit the button, camera says "Wifi on", and the Android app finds the wifi hotspot name. But once I select it and enter the password, the camera says "Error six" and...
  20. BCHobbyist

    Geko Xpedition X100 Wifi GPS 1080p Smart Dashcam

    The Geko Gear website (tiny division of PAPAGO) released a new product for late 2016 in North America the Geko Xpedition X100 Dashcam. The same dashcam under different names and model numbers appeared in China & UK summer of 2016. With no reviews or video footage but sale priced I purchased one...