1. Yudia

    K2S initial failure and quality problems

    About K2S purchased at the end of last year. Until now, I had reported about this K2S crash and contacted the manufacturers. As manufacturers, they have repeated only the claims and answers that "there is no problem with the K2S. There is a problem with the user." There is no problem with the...
  2. fakej

    That would be my record :)

    When it comes to comments: "what a moron" (referring to camera operator): However comments are probably not much intererresting for non-Polish speakers. Original fresh, slightly extended YT...
  3. A

    First Fender Bender

    I only had my Blueskysea B1W for four days and caught the aftermath of my first fender bender. Nothing to spectacular. Was on my way home durning evening commute, a lot was going on and a lot of near misses going on around me. I didn't see the fender bender until I noticed in my peripheral...
  4. Peter Wilson

    Dash camera saves this girl a claim. She admitted fault due to the range rover driver saying she ran a red.

    This claim had now been found in her favour due to the footage showing our light was still red... She admitted she had ran a red light because the driver of the other car said she did. Her insurance company was all ready to pay out. I had to search for her on Facebook to tell her she wasn't at...
  5. Blink Blink

    CLOSE CALL! Motorcycle nearly crashed into car (Front & Rear Dashcam)

    I saw the motorcycle rider in my rearview mirror and noticed the white car in front of me moving over to the right (there was no way the car in front of me could have seen the bike from that distance). I quickly moved to my left a little and gave a sharp blast of my horn as I flashed my...
  6. Mozzie

    Collection of bad drivers

  7. Blink Blink

    The driver of this vehicle RA55 UXT tailgating me at 70mph

    The driver of the Skoda Octavia with registration RA55 UXT in this video decided to tailgate me on the fast lane a few days ago as it rained. I had no chance to speed off because I would have ended up tailgating the vehicle in front of my bike neither could I switch lanes because there were...
  8. Mozzie

    Lucky they had a dash cam

    Looks like this pair may have been trying to do a scam to make the cammer pay for their damage. Why was the second car ready to pounce up ahead ????
  9. Mr_roadside616

    Roll over crash caught on rear camera

    So caught this video the other week on my Transcend DrivePro 520. there is language at the end so it might be NSFW. I did go and check on the driver and i have a feeling he may have been ejected from the vehicle cause he was already half way up the hill when i got to him and his windows were...
  10. Dashmellow

    Side Cam Parking Mode Crash Capture

    So, yesterday evening while I was shopping at the local supermarket one of my Mobius C2 cameras mounted in the left rear window frame of my pick-up truck captured an unfortunate incident while I was away from my vehicle. As usual my four cameras were running off of two power banks when I'm not...
  11. Mozzie

    You need to stop turning at some point
  12. B

    Heat Issue

    I've had my 1st heat issue with the 0805 after owning it for a few weeks... Yesteraday the external temperature was around 24 deg celcius, and I can imagine the internal car temperature was probably higher. The cam only recorded for about 10 mins, and the frozed further recording. I could see...
  13. B

    F750 & iPhone app

    Has anyone experienced issues with the F750 and the iPhone app? I've logged this with Thinkware support so many times & they just keep ignoring it then closing the case. I've had my F750 for over a year now and the app has never worked properly, it opens up and connects to the wireless on the...
  14. V

    Registrator Viewer crashes on opening a SG MOV file

    Hi all, Haven't had to look at a file from my SG9665GC for a few weeks, but today I ran Registrator Viewer (the only version I've ever installed) and as soon as I click on the selected file the application immediately crashes with the Windows popup "Datakam Player has stopped working"...
  15. R

    Toronto, Canada Hit and Run caught on Dashcam

  16. Mozzie

    Car overtaking stupidity nearly kills them

    This is beyond stupid. WARNING: colourful Australian slang used
  17. Mozzie

    Almost a crash

    Unfortunately, it was just off camera
  18. Andrew Newman

    The Craziest Motorcycle Accidents of 2016

    WARNING: This video may be considered shocking or violent, watch at your own risk! Subscribe my youtube channel:
  19. serge6008

    Git2 so fragile it 's dead after first drop?

    My Git2 camera is completely dead after a minor quadcopter crash. The camera does nothing (no LED lights, no display, no beeps - nothing) when I power it via USB, or a battery. I tried different batteries. I tried formatting SD card (FAT32) and uploading different version firmware / loader...