1. S

    U1000 - No voice/sound being recorded

    Hi, have a bit of an odd one here. Had the u1000 installed just before Xmas and everything working fine no issues during play back and hearing sounds of the car stereo , voice of people talking, engine etc. All of a sudden something strange is going on and no sound is being recorded except for...
  2. R

    Automatic start stop causes dashcam to turn off when the car starts.

    Hi All, I have a Hyundai i30 and an Aukey DR02D setup hardwired into the car taking a tap from the front power socket in the fuse box. When the car stops and stops the engine, the dash cam continues to record as you would expect. However, the restarting of the engine causes the camera to turn...
  3. B

    AV output problem

    Hello Before I bought this device, I got it by thinking that I would transfer the camera image to the multimedia device via wi-fi. (I didn't know the bit rate was down) When I used Wi-fi in a continuously open position, I had a deadlock problem after a period of time. I decided to use the AV...
  4. C

    Sj7 Star shutdowns in cold weather

    Hi, So iv'e bought a new SJ7, currently with v1.18 version. I checked it few times in home, it looked good, and then i went to a ski trip. After charging the camera few hours before the ski, as i started skiing [-3 Celsius] it took around 10 seconds to call for "Low battery" and to shutdown. I...
  5. T

    CF-100 stopped working - help?

    Guys, e few weeks ago, I posted here because I had found out that my rear cam was not filming anymore: After some tests, I tried to reinstall the last update: copied the update file on the SD card and when I started the...
  6. T

    CF-100 - problem with rear cam

    Last time I checked my CF-100's videos, I found out the rear cam stopped working properly. Actually, the rear video is just totally black. The cam still anounces "2 channel recording" when started... Has anyone allready experimented it? Any tip on what I can try to do? Format the memory card...
  7. S

    A lot of reflections at night

    Hi, you can see it on this movie Do you have the same issue?
  8. Y

    Pulsating exposure in video lapse mode

    Hi, cam: sj5000x elite videolapse firmware v1.4.5s , the lighting is flat but the video lapse comes out with pulsating exposure in video lapse mode, exposure in normal video mode is smooth. wdr on gyro off 1s between frames what could be causing the issue?
  9. guerchi

    Problem making a timelapse of 12 hours from XYC Script

    Hi all, I have been weeks trying to achieve this goal. I need that these great little camera, take pictures every 5 minutes over a period of 12 hours and then automatically shut down. This process would be repeated for several days to record the evolution of building a machine. For this, I...
  10. Bernard Maltais

    Another GPS Mount power issue

    I am starting a new thread because the other is marked as solved. I just noticed my 1 month old A119 is not working anymore when attached to the GPS mount. If I attach the usb cable directly to the unit it power on... but with the usb power on the GPS received and the A119 attached to it it...
  11. thancam

    Screen error

    After working 3 hours and result: How do i fix this stripe screen ?
  12. H

    Is the focus issue present in my Xiaomi Yi?

    Hello folks! Recently I bought an Xiaomi Yi and I wanna know if my Yi is having the focus issue (or if I can do anything more to improve image quality) Here it's a sample photo: 100% Crop Images: What do you think? Edit: Also, I'm not using any custom firmware or script! It's stock...
  13. A

    LK-7950 WD + LK-350 B-type 1 Minuite Cut-Off

    Hello There, I am a new user in DashCamTalk and hopefully someone will be able to help me with my problem which is persistent for more than a year now. I use my LK-7950 mainly for parking mode that's why when I initially bought it, I got it along with the Lukas LK-570 but unfortunately the...
  14. T

    Yi Action Camera had bad audio during video playback (not bluetooth issue)

    Hi Everybody, This is my first time posting as I recently purchased a Yi Action Camera. My issue is that during video playback, my audio has this horrible noise in the background (it sounds worse with the waterproof casing). Here's how it sounds: (I have some...
  15. glypter

    SGZC12SS Buzzing/Rattling Noise

    Recently purchased the SGZC12SS and have been using it for several days. I've posted some raw footage below so you can see/hear what I'm attempting to discuss (The file is a part of the entire 5min raw video that was recorded) There is a distinct buzz from the start of the video to the end, as...
  16. H

    F750 Dash cam speed visibility issue , need help.

    I have recently bought 3 thinkware F750 DASHCAM's , but I'm having an issue with it , when I watch a recording ,the speed does not show , only the time and the date . How do I let the speed show up on the recordings ?? For example if I ever got into an accident and I wanted to prove that I...
  17. F

    Xiaomi Yi Z22L not responding to all scripts

    Hello, I have a Z22L xiaomi yi updated to the 1.2.13 firmware version and using the lastest version of the IOS Yi Action app. The issue I am having is that most of the scripts used in autoexec.ash files have no influence on the final video. To be clear some do work!! Such as turning the...
  18. E

    0806 developed an audio issue

    Hey guys, my 0806 started making a loud buzzing noise because it overheated in the hot aussie weather. After i unplugged it, it seemed to work okay, but the audio in the video now has a buzzing noise and video gets abit choppy. I've reset it but no luck. Also sometimes it will keep booting in a...
  19. K

    G1W-CB Beeping Noise Issue During Playback

    I just purchased a G!W-CB from ebay and everything seems to be working just fine. The only issue I'm having is why I keep having this beeping noise during my playback recordings? It sounds like a static sound in the background. If anyone has had a similar issue or has found a solution, PLEASE...