sd card

  1. TKSX

    How to format memory card in TW U1000

    My apologies if this is a silly question. Is there any way to forgot the memory card on the dashcam? The user manual didn't mention anything and unlike the F100 / Q800 Pro,
  2. N

    Firmware update.

    I’m currently on firmware v1.00.09 and I’ve noticed that when connecting via WiFi my continuous recordings are there in sequence, but my manual recordings have stopped since February 2020. Also, when I first connect to the dash cam I get a pop up on my iPhone saying that the latest firmware has...
  3. N

    Genuine Thinkware SD Card thinks it's full!

    Hi, I've been a Thinkware fan for a while and am on my third camera, the Q800PRO with front and rear cameras. The Q800PRO doesn't prompt me for a reformat like my F770 did, which I thought was a boon - until I tried to find the recording of some bottom-dweller of a lorry driver threw fruit at...
  4. T

    SD Cards

    Is there a list of supported SD Cards that are proven to work with the Maxi? Also, is there a maximum SD Card size that will work with the Maxi? New SD Cards are coming out with increasingly larger capacity. 256 & 512GB are getting lower in price and more readily available.
  5. NorthStar

    Price Drop: Samsung Endurance 128GB SD Card for $44.99, was $54.99

    Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that Amazon just dropped the price this morning of the Samsung Endurance SD Card 128gb to $44.99 It happens every once in a while, so its your chance to get one. P.S: Make sure that you choose the seller you buy it from as "" not 3rd party...
  6. Handbanana

    Micro-SD video files sometimes unreadable, sometimes not

    My dashcam is a Cobra DriveHD Bluetooth 855 Model. Sometimes when I place the micro-sd card into my phone, random video files (roughly a third or so, maybe half) will appear as '0 bytes', and obviously won't play. Occasionally instead of 0 bytes, the file size is just unsually small (like 50...
  7. A

    Unable to update F800 Pro firmware using SD card

    I recently purchased the F800 Pro 128GB SD (Samsung) and Cellink B combo from I setup my dashcam but I'm having issues upgrading the firmware. I tried to update it through the app but my LTE connection is not so good and the download does not complete. I found the following 2...
  8. S

    Thinkware F750 card orientation

    Hi there! successfully flashed my F750 to F770, formated a Transcend 128GB MicroSDXC Class-10 UHS-1 Memory Card TS128GUSDU1 Micro SD which works flawlessly... Question: In the owners manual, it says "the card has to be inserted with the contacts facing toward the the mount connector and push...
  9. D

    Loop recording question

    I have a wonky question about loop recording. I hope I can be clear on what I'm asking. My dash cam is set to record in 3 minute segments. When the card gets full, the camera records over the existing files...thus it is loop recording. Because my camera is hooked up to an ignition switched...
  10. S

    Mivue 568 touch card error

    I have a 568 touch that I have been using for a week or so. The first Sd card I used was a Kingston 32gb card that worked OK but the cam unit occasionally came up with the 'no card inserted' icon. I know there can be issues with card compatibility so purchased a Samsung EVO 32gb Class 10. My...
  11. GMProps

    Did I make a big mistake?

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and so glad that I have found this place. I have always wanted a dash cam ever since I had a car accident almost 4 years ago. I could have really used it then. Anyway, I finally got lured into purchasing a Novatek T810 OnCam from Tmart. I received it and...
  12. J

    Viofo A119S Motion Detection recording stops when SD card is full

    After enough motion detection recordings, it no longer records any further. Are there any settings to fix this? Or will it be resolved in a future firmware update? Config: Viofo A119s v2 hardware, V1.6 firmware, Loop recording turned off, Motion detection turned on, GPS enabled, G sensor Off
  13. A

    Don't see files in sd card folder

    I recently got a A119 and when I try to view the sd card files on my PC, it doesn't show anything on the folder. Even though when I check the storage of the card, I see that a bit of space is being taken by something, presumably the video files but they are not visible. I have tried The SD card...
  14. B

    Please check SD card. SD card write protection

    DR650S-2CH purchased 2 weeks ago. I upgraded the firmware via Over the Cloud on Android OS to v.1.005_2017.04.10 yesterday. Today I started receiving "Please check SD Card" and could not get it to stop even with powering on and off, pulling out SD card and putting it back in. I tried holding the...
  15. FFBikerSar

    How many hours per gb with SJ5000

    Hello, I just bought my first SJCAM, model SJ5000. I can't anywhere find the information how many hours recording I can store on a single 16 or 32 Gb card, in all four rcording modes: - Full HD: 1920*1080P 30 fps - 720P: 1280*720P 60 fps - 720P: 1280*720P 30 fps - 480P: 640*480P 60/fps Or, can...
  16. T

    SD card keeps breaking (SanDisk Ultra Class 10 32GB)

    When I first got the Blackvue DR650GW-1CH (late 2015) I used a SanDisk Ultra Class 10 32GB micro SD. It lasted for 18 months. I am aware that a SD card will eventually break and will not last forever. I formatted it every month and looked after it very well. When it died, I found out that it had...
  17. Kinickie

    A119S Stopped recognizing SD cards

    In early January I bought an A119S with GPS mount. Everything worked great, and I've been using it with the same 32 gig card the entire two months I've owned it. On Monday, I captured an accident and needed to pull the footage. I did what I have always done previously: remove the SD card...
  18. B

    Prestigio RoadRunner 133

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, so if this topic is in the wrong place - apologies! I was given a Prestigio Roadrunner 133 for Christmas. I bought a Sandisk 32gb MicroSD card, but the cam won't recognise it. It keeps saying 'Please insert SD card'. I've had a quick look around...
  19. sbt

    Can't reliably read cards with supplied card reader

    So have this issue since I got my SG9665GC last year; I have not been able to reliably read micro SD cards (either the supplied 32GB card, or any other) using this plug in card reader supplied with the dash cam. It's the one with both SD and MicroSD slots, and USB on one end and USB OTG micro-b...
  20. F

    New Opia2 recording problems

    Newbie owner of Opia2, but veteran owner of many dashcams. I recently received an Opia2, updated the firmware to version 2.5, formatted the sd card in the camera and put all settings to default. I've tried two different SD cards, one is a generic card sent with the camera (teamgroup? Class 10...