1. A

    iVolt and U1000

    Hi there I have a U1000 (2ch) and the iVolt battery. I've noticed that even in energy saving parking mode with the radar, the battery doesn't seem to power the dashcam for as long as I expected. The Thinkware Dashcam Store suggests up to 24 days of recording before powering down but when I've...
  2. Y

    Question on how to wire a camera

    Hello, brand new to this and I’m a little confused on hardwiring a cam. Looking at the BlackVue DR900 and I’d like to wire the camera up to run when the vehicle is on. Can I just purchase the fuse tap and that’s it or do I need to purchase something like the Power Magic Pro? Apologies if this...
  3. L

    [Hardwire Kit] Cam only turning on with ACC and Battery having power

    Hey, I'm installing this dashcam for my dad and several unfortunate circumstances led me to be working for well over 15 hours and yeah - it's still not working. My current problem involves the hardwire kit. The cam works and turns on, but only if the ACC and the Battery both get a current at...
  4. A

    What Fuse Rating Recommended for Hardwire?

    I have purchased hardwire kit which comes with fuse tap and 10 Amp fuse . Is it too high and should I use only 5 Amp/7 Amp? Please advise.
  5. R

    Automatic start stop causes dashcam to turn off when the car starts.

    Hi All, I have a Hyundai i30 and an Aukey DR02D setup hardwired into the car taking a tap from the front power socket in the fuse box. When the car stops and stops the engine, the dash cam continues to record as you would expect. However, the restarting of the engine causes the camera to turn...
  6. A

    Hardwire Viofo A129 to hybrid Lexus with 14v current

    Hi, I'm hardwiring a Viofo A129 to a Lexus hybrid but the current my voltmeter is showing in the fuse box is 14v opposed to 12v. Will this cause harm to the camera and will the 12.4v that the battery could drain to cause any start up problems with the hybrid engine? Thanks for any help.
  7. A

    Parking Mode General + Permanent Live vs. Switched

    Hi all, been lurking around this forum for the last week or so since receiving a 512GW as a gift. I've been having a play with the device to figure out what the different settings do, test-fitted the front camera in a few different places, picked up a 512GWRC to go with it and am now eagerly...
  8. H

    Hardwiring a129 questions

    Hello all, I've been wanting to get into the dash cam scene for a bit now and I've been doing my research and I have decided that I want an a129 and utilize parking mode. In order to do this I was thinking about getting the VicoVation Vico-Power Plus and set the cut off for 12.2V then splicing...
  9. C

    Hard wiring Cellink Neo (or any high current device)

    I am trying to hard wire the Cellink Neo (rated 9A, using 20A fuse) and had a couple questions. I am not an expert in electrical engineering so correct me if any of the stuff I stated below is wrong. I have tested all my fuse slots and I do not have any empty ones that are ACC, thus I have to...
  10. T

    Two channel camera with parking mode for electric car?

    I just installed a Blackvue DR750S-2ch into my car. I like the all the features but I'm not liking the video quality (coming from an A119 in my old car). The main reason I went with the DR750 was because of its G-Sensor/movement activated parking mode. As my car is electric, it doesn't have...
  11. D

    Hard Wire Install - AM Radio Static

    I've been running two A119V2 cameras ( front and back) and powering them through the 12V sockets in my car. All good, no issues. Today, I hardwired the front camera using a "Dash Cam Store" install kit (http://www.thedashcamstore.com/dashcam-installation-kit-5-volt-usb-plug-mini-fuse/). I...
  12. M

    Need help - Dashcam hardwire/Dashcam in general. Power magic pro query! Focus mk3

    Hi all, New to the forum and dash cams in general. Recently purchased two dash cams for my car, Ford Focus mk3 (2013). Currently have front and rear dash cams. Front camera is the Nextbase 512g, hardwired into passenger fuse box (fuse 85 - 7.5a fuse / hot on ignition). Rear dashcam, Nextbase...
  13. J

    Dashcam Won't Turn Off During Parking Mode

    I have a 2010 Volvo XC60, Blackvue DR470-2ch dashcam, and a MotoPark Multi Safer S hardwiring kit. The problem: my dashcam won't "turn off", i.e. will continue to record video files, even when my car is off, locked, and there is no motion to trigger parking mode. Multi Safer setup: I have the...
  14. inshaneity

    Hard wire 2011 Jetta help

    I have the add-a-circuit kit into the cigarette lighter fuse. It works because the things connected to the lighter work fine with the tap. But the camera doesn't get power. Camera does work and I got a new set of wires thinking it was the wires that went bad. Nope, still nothing. Also tried a...
  15. Jax Dash Cams

    Hardwire Problem

    I have two A118 (non-capacitor) cameras in my car - one will power up with a turn of the ignition key but the other won't. I've been powering them for the past year with a dual power port (cigarette lighter style) and wires dangling around in the cabin. I wanted to clean it up so I ordered two...
  16. C

    GS98C - Parking mode and Hardwire

    Hi guys! I am not new here but I upgrade my computer and forgot my password... so.. hello again! So.. I have the GS98C dash cam - http://www.szdome.com/product-detail-20.html now I noticed to the parking mode and I know you need a hardwire for this option (if you want to leave that option on...
  17. T

    A118C hardwire problems (2011 Qashqai)

    Hi. I recently purchased a A118C, which I have been running successfully from the cigarette lighter in my 2011 Nissan Qashqai with the supplied USB cable. Meanwhile I ordered a hardwire kit from ebay, it's now come, and I took the car to a local fixer to hardwire it all in. The hardwire is run...
  18. Alton

    Is my dash cam really hardwired incorrectly? Not making sense.

    So in my previous vehicle (2015 Mustang GT) I had a Thinkware F750 dash cam and it was hardwired to the fuse panel. I sold that car and bought a new car (2017 Shelby GT350) and also bought a Thinkware F770. According to the owner's manual, the fuse panels are pretty much exactly the same in...
  19. gantavya

    hardwire Thinkware F770 and Cellink B V2

    I am a newbie in this matter. I need help on how to hardwire Thinkware F770 and Cellink B V2. Previously, I had hardwired my dashcam and parking mode was working fine. But recording time was very limited because of my battery. So, I bought Cellink v2 battery. But the problem now is that I only...
  20. gantavya

    Thinkware F770 and Cellink V2 Hardwire Setup

    I am a newbie in this matter. I need help on how to hardwire Thinkware F770 and Cellink V2. Previously, I had hardwired my dashcam and parking mode was working fine. But recording time was very limited because of my battery. So, I bought Cellink v2 battery. But the problem now is that I only...